How to Make Your Outdoor Spaces Safe and Enjoyable

It’s a fact that over 65% of injury-causing accidents happen in your own home. From trip and fall incidents to fires, your own home can be a dangerous place if you aren’t aware of the dangers. Many of the more obvious hazard around your home can be found outdoors.

Your home should be a safe haven where you feel protected and not threatened, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the things that are the most risky are the things that you would never even think about. Weak tree branches that are ready to fall or a potential trip hazard on your driveway are both things that can potentially cause a devastating injury.

Taking an inventory of the risks around your property and taking action will help make your home much safer. You may need to get up in the air and trim some trees, taking care to wear a harness for fall protection or re-level your walkways. Repairs and proactive precautions are the best way to keep you and your family safe.

Clean the debris from your yard

Clear Debris

At the beginning of each season you should clear all of the debris that has gathered on your property. Any storms that may come through can leave a lot of hazardous elements around your outdoor property. Clean up any downed limbs and dead brush on a regular basis to keep your risk to a minimum.

Fill Indentations

A perfectly even lawn is a hard thing to come by. Most properties are full of uneven grades and risky land indentations. In areas that get a lot of foot traffic, make sure that the walking surface is as even as possible to avoid accidents. Use dirt and fill to level out low areas and provide a more secure surface.

Repair broken sidewalks

Repair Walkways

If your sidewalk or driveway are cracking, there is potential for a trip and fall accident. Cracks tend to get worse the longer they are left and create an uneven and dangerous walking surface. If you live in a colder climate, make sure to inspect all of your walkways and sidewalks after the winter and make repairs where needed.

Overhanging Branches

Keeping your larger trees properly trimmed can help eliminate the risk of falling branches. Trees can take on a lot of damage during harsh weather and storms, and should be inspected for weaknesses regularly.


Proper lighting should be a priority around any entrance points, stairways and walkways around your property. Anywhere that visibility is an issue, proper lighting should be installed. Motion sensor lights or solar walkway lights are a great option that keeps you safe and still looks great.

Have a fire extinguisher near outdoor firepits


If you have a fire pit or fireplace on your property there will be obvious safety issues to deal with. You should always have a fire extinguisher onsite near the fire source for emergency situations. When planning your fireplace, consider its placement carefully and make sure that it is not directly under any overhanging branches or too close to your house.

What are some things you have done to make your outdoor space safe and enjoyable that we haven’t covered above? Leave a comment in the comments and let us know!

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