How to Mix High-End Designs with Affordable Pieces

Let’s be honest, we all would love to have some high-end design throughout our homes, but the prices can be quite staggering for those on a budget or surviving on one-income. Well we’re here to tell you that, YES, you can mix affordable pieces with high-end design! Clearly, you may not create a cinder-block coffee table to sit next to your beautiful Ekornes recliner. But, cinderblocks aren’t your only option for affordable furnishings and beautiful home decor.

The key is to use your high-end pieces as the centerpiece and choose other furnishings to complement them. Your recliner and ottoman will be a centerpiece in the room. The side table, rug, and bookshelves should complement the style.

How to Mix High-End Designs with Affordable Pieces • Knowing how to mix a few key high-end designs with affordable pieces can make your home décor the talk of the neighborhood!

Determine the Centerpiece of the Room

If you have an expensive luxury sofa in your home, it will stand out on its own. You’re not going to buy a couch cover when you’ve custom picked the fabric. The throw pillows you choose should be of quality material as well.

The other furnishings and décor will complement these centerpieces – a mirror, a wall hanging, curtains, a rug. The mirror above the couch doesn’t have to be the most ornate, expensive wall-hanging in your home. These pieces can be quality without being the same high-end caliber of your recliners and sofa.

Think About Dimensions

The key to mixing affordable with expensive is to treat your space like you’re decorating with high-end taste. Pay close attention to detail. How much room do you have for a coffee table? What’s the perfect height? Will you hang curtains from the top of the window or the top of the ceiling?

Take time to plan your space before shopping for affordable pieces.

Determine Complementary Colors

Next, consider what colors will complement your expensive pieces. These aren’t colors that will stand out and make a statement, they’ll match what you already have going and encourage the eye to settle on the centerpiece.

Most likely, you’ll be choosing muted colors for your affordable pieces. Bold colors draw attention to themselves and can easily look cheap.

Choose Wisely

Once you know the dimensions and colors you’re looking for, go shopping for affordable pieces that fit your criteria. Armed with the information you’ve gathered; you’ll be able to find furniture that complements your high-end design without breaking the bank.

One Final Note: Avoid Faux Fur at All Costs

You may not want to pay the price for real fur. You may have moral objections to using animal skins for home décor. Whatever the case, faux fur is not a good alternative – it a blemish in an otherwise charming room.

While a fake leopard print rug is probably not a good combination with an expensive couch, inexpensive bookshelves in a complementary color won’t produce the same faux pas.

If you want a natural look without animal skins, choose natural fibers that will hold up and are far less expensive.

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