How To Pick Out a New Front Door

Thinking about getting a new front door? If so, you’ll have probably seen just how much choice there is in terms of type and style. If you’re looking for something traditional there are cottage, art deco and panel door options amongst others. And if you fancy something a bit more modern, there are no end of chic glazed, hardwood and frameless doors to choose from.

In fact, you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to pick one door from the multitude of options available. Well, don’t worry, there are a few good ways to narrow down your choice and make sure you end up with something suitable.

Work Out Your Budget

Perhaps most important thing that can narrow down your front door choice is budget. Typically, you can expect your new front door cost to come in somewhere between £500 and £2,500 but the type you go for will determine whether it ends up at the higher or lower end.

In most cases a uPVC door is going to be your cheapest option, with prices starting at around £250 for a basic white door. If you have a slightly bigger budget, then prices for engineered oak doors start at between £300 and £400. Composite and solid hardwood door costs can be much higher. So, if your budget is really tight, this might automatically narrow down your options. That said, you should still have your pick of front door styles.   

Consider Style

Working out what style of door you want is a really good way to narrow down your options. But how do you pick the right one? Well, one thing to think about is what will look right. Ask yourself, what will suit the age and style of your house? Which doors will blend in with the style of your windows?

There are some more practical considerations for the style of door you go for. For instance, if your hallway is quite dark or you like to keep plants in your porch, then you’re going to benefit from a front door with glazing. However, if your front door opens straight into your lounge, then you might want a solid door with no glazing or at least frosted glass to maximise your privacy. This might also boost your security, which is something else to consider carefully when picking a door.

Weigh Up The Material Benefits

Some materials can make a door stronger and therefore more secure. For instance, a thick hardwood door with mortice and tenon joints or a composite door with a high-density core should offer you better security than a basic uPVC or hollow core door. And laminated double glazing is more secure than single-glazed, toughened glass. Of course, your door’s security is still dependent on the quality of the locks, frame and installation but these materials play a big role.

Aside from security, the better the construction, the more thermally efficient your door’s likely to be. So, if you’re keen to improve the warmth of your home, then you should base your front door choice on those that come highly rated.

Not only that, the material you choose can affect the long-term durability of your front door. And if your home is exposed to a lot of harsh weather, you might want to place durability at the top of your priorities. You can expect a uPVC door to last around 20 to 25 years and a composite one to last around 30 years. And it’s estimated that a softwood door will last around 20 years while a hardwood one should last over 40 years with the right maintenance. If you do go for a wood door, consider fitting a weather bar for extra resilience.

Maintenance is, unsurprisingly, another factor you should consider when picking a door. Composite and uPVC doors are the easiest to look after as they’ll just need wiping over with soapy water every so often to keep them clean. Wooden doors, on the other hand, may need regular treatments of oil or varnish to protect them. Of course, you may choose to paint your door instead. And this is the big advantage of picking a wooden front door.

Picking Out a Color

With wooden doors, you can paint them any color you please. So, if you’re after a specific color or would like the freedom to change your door color every few years, this is a good option. However, with a bit of prep, you can also paint a uPVC door. And with composite doors, you can request a custom color, if you’re willing to pay more.

But what makes a good front door color? Well, largely, it’s down to personal taste. As with choosing a door style though, it’s also worth thinking about what’s going to work with the exterior of your home. Do you want it to match the windows or stand out from the brickwork or render?

Some colors bring with them certain benefits. For instance, red can help your house stand out while black is a classic color that looks sophisticated. Yellow brings a cheeriness that can brighten your day and blue is said to be calming. It’s also thought to be the color most likely to sell a house. So, there’s certainly a lot to think about.

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