How to Pick the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Daughter

Seeing teens prepare for prom in the previous weeks, your daughter’s big day may already start creeping up on you already. So we’re certain you want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. A girl’s prom is one of the biggest nights of her teenage life, so you will want to help her begin hunting for her dream prom dress as early as possible. Our advice: start looking at least a year before the event. The dress is probably the biggest decision you and your daughter will have to make.

Once you start the hunt for the perfect dress, you’ll realize just how much of a daunting task is at hand. With literally hundreds of fabrics, styles and shades on the market, it can take a long time to find the right dress. If you start shopping early enough, you’re sure to find the perfect piece.

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Here are some points to help you initiate the search:

  • Consider Elegant Lace

It’s pretty much a given that anything with lace will never go out of fashion and can look sensational for your daughter’s prom. If she isn’t particularly keen on all lace, try to incorporate just a little by having it on the hemline and neckline to add an essence of timeless elegance. Click here to view your dream prom dress at Peaches Boutique as they are one of the stores that offers a wide range of prom dresses of various styles.

  • Long, Sensational Gowns

Elegant, long gowns that complement her figure remain the number one choice among 2016’s top prom dresses. Long dresses are simple, classic and can be worn for future events, not just on prom night.

  • What About a Mid-Length Dress?

Mid-length dresses for prom ensure she is ready to hit the dance floor all night. This is a super comfortable style, and there is a wide array of fashion choices in 2016. Perhaps your daughter would feel great in a chic bodycon or a mid-length dress with creative embellishments.

  • A Shorter Hemline

Fortunately, prom is no longer all about long dresses. In fact, this year’s trend is set to feature shorter hems that show off her gorgeous shoes. If you and your daughter have been considering the dress only, it’s time to think about the entire outfit – especially the shoes, and then choose your hemline!

  • How About a Jumpsuit?

This may sound pretty unconventional, but classic jumpsuits have made a big comeback in the past year. If your daughter isn’t the biggest fan of dresses, or likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion, check out the stunning jumpsuits on offer that exude elegance and practicality, and she can still look incredible on prom night.

  • Even Maxi Dresses Are In

2016 is shaping up to be one of the most versatile years for prom styles. Elegant, floaty dresses look beautiful no matter what the event is and can help your daughter make a classic entrance.

  • There’s Always the Fall-Back to Something Classic

Let’s face it; your little girl wants to stand out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in 2016. Her prom photos are sure to spread across social media, and you’ll want her dress to be the one everyone talks about for a while to come.

Take the above tips on board for finding her dream outfit and you’ll know the moment you and your princess have found “the one.”

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