How to Plan a Holiday Everyone Will Love

How to Plan a Holiday Everyone Will Love

Sometimes, it’s difficult enough to choose what to make for dinner that will please the entire family, now think about just how hard it can be to plan a family holiday when you have ages spanning decades! Mum and dad, of course, are looking forward to a break from all the months of working (at home or on the job!) while the kids are looking for a bit of excitement they can’t enjoy back home.

Have you ever stopped to really think about just how different your idea of a good time is from other members of the family? Even husbands and wives are looking for something different from a holiday away from home than their partner and with kids in the mix, it can be quite frustrating trying to plan a holiday everyone will love. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position, you are not alone. Here are some tips to help you plan that holiday, maybe for the first time ever, that everyone will love.

Plan a Holiday Everyone Will Love

1. The Art of Communication

If there is one thing lacking in 21st-century life, it would probably be the lost art of communication. Unless you can tap it out on the keyboard to post on social media, you are at a loss about how to talk to others or even what to say. The next time you are out and about, take the time to study those on the train or in a local café having a bite of lunch. Chances are you will see one or more people in a group on that mobile phone, which has become like another appendage at the end of their arms!

If you really want to plan a holiday the entire family will love, it’s time to have a family meeting. Remember, it’s not time to pass judgement on what the others want to do simply because it doesn’t fit your ideal holiday. Finding a happy medium comes later! Take notes if you must so that you can try to work something everyone wants to do into your holiday plans.

2. Pack Only What You Need

There is nothing worse than toting heavy luggage around because you’ve packed too much. Conversely, it’s just as troubling to get somewhere without the proper attire. There are several parenting websites that offer suggestions on how to make a packing list. Refer to your planned itinerary to see what kinds of garments you might need, along with the kinds of shoes most suitable for what you will be doing.

If you have hiking planned, a good pair of sports shoes would be an absolute must. If you’ll be dining out, evening attire might be called for. What can be more stressful than arriving at your destination only to find that you’ve forgotten to bring along an extra pair of shoes or your sweater for cooler nights? However, having said that, don’t go overboard! Most often you can pick up things you need once you arrive, so keep the luggage light enough to manage.

3. Take the Stress Out of Traveling

If there is one thing that really frustrates the entire family, it would be all the hassles associated with travelling. Packing at the last-minute is a huge barrier to an enjoyable holiday as is making last-minute travel arrangements. Although you’ve booked a flight out of Birmingham, for example, you may not have taken the time to research how long it takes to get to the airport, where you’ll be parking and how you will get to the concourse from which you’ll be departing. These are all things you need to research in advance, but the good news is that parking at Birmingham Airport can be reserved in advance and there are a number of options to choose between.

Birmingham Parking can be arranged with a park and ride from a Birmingham Airport hotel or you can find a car park nearest where your plane departs from. Many families prefer to book a hotel room with parking arrangements if they are coming in from a distance while others simply prefer to get there early on the day of travel since they’ve pre-booked Birmingham Airport parking. The point is, getting to and from your flight on time can start the holiday off on a stressful note. No one enjoys that!

4. Location, Location, Location

You will often hear realtors or property agents say that location is everything. In fact, the industry mantra has been “location, location, location” for as many years as anyone can remember. When planning a holiday that everyone will love, it’s easy to miss the fact that most people don’t really care so much about where they are going as long as they can do what they want to do.

With this in mind, make a list of what everyone would like to do on this year’s holiday. Perhaps the kids want to spend time in an adventure park but mum and dad want to spend time lounging on a beach, soaking up some rays. Why not find a travel destination that has a water theme park where mum and dad can watch the kids in comfort while the kids go on the same ride over and over and over.

5. Balance Time Together with Time Alone

This is especially important for mum and dad. Yes, you have chosen a holiday destination based on the availability of family activities. All year you work outside the home and this is a time to reconnect with each other. Kids are off to school at least 10 months of the year and mum and dad probably are away five days (or more!) every week except on bank holidays and annual leave.

Unfortunately, most parents don’t take the necessary ‘alone time’ to keep that relationship alive. When planning a family holiday, it might be a good idea to find accommodations that have babysitters on site. This will enable mum and dad to get off by themselves for a bit of adult time while the kids enjoy planned activities tailored to their age level and interests. It’s amazing what this can do to keep everyone entertained and happy.

6. Set a Budget for Souvenirs

What would a holiday be without being able to bring home mementos of an enjoyable trip? While many families are on limited budgets, there are ways to cut back on some of the expenses, so that there’s a little something left over for shopping. When it comes to older kids, they can easily understand the value of money and are better able to choose things using what you’ve allotted them to spend.

Little children are a bit more difficult in that you may have set aside £30 per child but what they want costs £45. What many parents suggest after having been confronted with this issue is that you offer them choices within their budget. If allowed, most kids will walk down an aisle at a store pointing to almost anything on the self. You know what they like, so pick up two or three things and ask them which they would like.

A Little of This and a Little of That

In the end, if you want to have a really enjoyable holiday where everyone has a great time, make sure to include everyone in the decision-making process. Obviously, little people may not have the language skills to tell you what they would most enjoy, so you need to plan for them as well. Give everyone something they will enjoy, and you’ll find that this is certain to be that one holiday everyone will love.

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