How to Polish Your Floors for Maximum SHINE

Family members, pets and visitors can move all over your floor leaving it looking dull and worn out. The floor can be made of different materials such as wood, concrete, ceramic tile, marble or any other. It doesn’t matter which material your floor is made of, you can always restore the appearance of your floors by giving them a polished finish. This will require some basic equipment as well as some manual labor. There’s a different floor polishing procedure for every type of floor. They are explained below.

Floor Polishing Procedures


If your floor is made of wood, it is recommended to polish your wood floor after every 2-4 months. This depends on the movement made on it or the damage made. For the procedure, you’ll first choose the polishing product specifically made for wood floors. Then, pour it on to the wooden floor directly from the product’s bottle. The next step would be to spread the polish all over the wooden surface by making use of a mop. Lastly, you’ll give the polish enough time to dry. After it dries, your floor will be left with this beautiful shine.

Granite, Marble and Stone

In the case of stone floors, the floor polishing procedure is done by sanding with pads made of silicon-carbide. The pads are fixed on to either a stone grinder or a handheld drill. The first step is to use low-grit 24-60 pads then continue slowly to 120, 220, 400 and extra grits of up to 1000. When sanding, make sure that you keep your drill or grinder always moving in order to avert damage and obtain a shiny finish. For those that want to obtain a greater shine, you can always go for the finer sanding pads that have an excess of up to 3,000 grit.

Ceramic Tile

In order to successfully polish floors made of ceramic tile, you’ll require a polishing compound specifically made for ceramic tile floors. For every floor space, 125-150 square feet, 1 pound of the compound will be needed. By using a mop or a rag, spread the polish compound to the floor surface. Then, use a buffer to buff the floor; the buffer should be rated approximately 175 rpm. Also, your buffer can be used to apply the polish to the floor. A pad made of natural hair can be used smoothly polish the floor and prevent damage. Remember, never start buffing unless the floor is clean.


Concrete floors can be polished by making use of a grinder. The grinder sands the floor bringing the shiny look. For starters, fix metal diamond pads on to your grinder(the pads should be 30-40 grit). Run the grinder through the whole floor surface. Then, repeat this step using different grit pads(80, 150, 200, 400 and 800). At 800, you’ll begin to see a visible shine in many concrete floors. For those that wish to get a distinct mirror finish, it’s advisable to progress by using finer grits while you move the grinder all over the floor; the grits can be of up to 3,000.

Resilient Flooring

For floors made of linoleum, vinyl or any other kind of resilient floor surfaces, you can bring the glossy shine by making use of a water-based acrylic cleaner and polish, uniquely designed for these types of surfaces. Spread the polish with a mop all over the floor. You can also make use of a spray bottle and spray the polish slowly while buffing the floor with a buffer that’s rated at around 175 to 600 rpm. You may also require applying around two to five coats of the polish in order to obtain the level of shine you desire-this depends with your floor.


For this kind of floors, normal floor polishing products are not applicable. Their design doesn’t allow it. As an alternative, make use of a normal vacuum or broom to collect dust and dirt. Then, clean using a damp mop. For an additional shine, choose the polishing and cleaning products that your floor’s manufacturer recommends.

By following the floor polishing procedures accordingly, you’ll successfully get rid of scratches and marks on the floor surfaces. Also, the result is a smooth, blemish-free finish that reflects more light, hence, a higher glossy appearance.

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