How To Relax Your Muscles Naturally

When you experience pain in your muscles, it’s probably because you recently engaged in vigorous physical activities that caused them to get strained. Besides that, your muscles can also become hard when you are going through any type of stress. While most people prefer to use over-the-counter muscle relaxers, they are not a magic bullet to fix it all like we are made to believe.

For a start, they can be addictive, meaning you will have to take them every day once they get into your bloodstream in order to feel any effects. The other problem is that they don’t tackle hard muscles head-on. They only hinder the communication that usually takes place between the nerves and the brain. If you are really conscious about your health, you should find alternative ways of easing the pain.  Here is a list of tried and tested natural methods of calming hard muscles.

massage therapy

1. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is so far the best remedy for swollen muscles. You see the pain is usually caused by muscles that have been entangled against each other. Massaging these muscles helps in setting them apart from each other. During the massage, the maximum pressure should be applied on the affected parts of the body using Relaxing CBD muscle gel. The gel is designed to fight inflammation in situations where the muscles have suffered severe damage due to an unspecified injury. For best results, you should be massaged by a trained professional. It’s also recommended that you take a shower after a session of massage as it helps in cooling the entire body.

hot and cold compress

2. Cold and Hot Presses

If the pain started after suffering an injury, it’s advisable you employ cold and warm presses. A warm press helps in activating dormant tissues so that a wound can heal much faster. On the other hand, a cold press works by deactivating worn-out tissues so that they don’t pain signals to the brain. To get started with cold presses, simply get an ice cube and place it directly on the affected part of the body. With hot presses, you will need to heat some water and then dip a clean piece of cloth. Once the piece of cloth has become wet, you should squeeze it partially to remove excess water and place it on the muscles that are hurting for about 5 minutes. The process should be repeated thrice a day.

get quality sleep

3. Getting Quality Sleep

Your muscles are not wired like a robot. They need a break once in a while. If you engage in cumbersome activities and watch TV through the night, your muscles will definitely hurt the following day. This is because you are not allowing them to rest. In case you didn’t know, worn-out muscles are fixed by the body when you sleep. That’s why you usually wake up feeling energized after a long sleep. For you to be able to sleep well, you should eat early so that the food gets digested before you go to bed. In fact, you should practice sleeping at the same time every day so that the clock can stick in your mind. In addition to that, you should eliminate all kinds of distractions in the bedroom.

get moving get busy

4. Getting Busy

Most people will tell you to refrain from engaging in duties when your muscles are aching. Contrary to common belief, muscle pain tends to get worse when you idle around. This is because your mind focuses on the pain all the time. You should, therefore, find something that can divert your attention away from the pain. Fortunately, there are so many things that you can do to forget about the pain for a while. You can go for a stroll in your neighborhood, tend to animals and plants or listen to your favorite music on the radio. You can also talk to a close friend, even if it’s over the phone.

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