How To Resolve Conflict With Your Neighbors

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. It’s also rare that you can choose your neighbors. Sure, you can choose the area in which you might live, but none of us have full authorial control over who lives near is, and who has also had the idea of moving to your location.

For that reason, conflict can and does arise from time to time. No parties may be at fault for a conflict to start, one of them may be, or both of them may gleefully contribute to it. Toxic neighbor relationships can thrive on drama, and sometimes this can escalate in a negative sense. Unfortunately, living near a toxic or uncooperative neighbor can be extremely tiring and will impede you much you enjoy living in your home

With this in mind, it’s best to nip conflict in the bud when it appears. We can do this by better understanding how to speak to them, and how to seek a resolution. Let us help you with that. Please, consider:

Approach In A Friendly Manner

It’s important to approach with nothing but goodwill at first. Calmly introduce yourself, and firmly tell them what the issue is and what you would appreciate them doing. For instance, you might ask them to keep their television down after ten  PM because you have babies that are continually woken up by their noise. Here you can at least say that you tried to speak cordially and with respect from the offset. No matter how they react, that will work in your favor.

be cordial

Don’t Escalate

Not all neighbors are interested in what you have to say, or they might take a complaint as an insult. It’s important to not escalate the situation if this happens. It might feel good to yell and scream and to stamp your feet, but it helps nothing. It helps nothing to build an adversarial relationship with those who live near you, as well. For this reason, simply note the response, and record what happened if you need to report it. Keep professional at all times, as if you were speaking to a colleague. From there, you may try:

Contact The Authorities Or Legal Help

Contacting the authorities can be important if you need to make a report. Often, your local housing or peacekeeping authority will enforce noise complaints at certain times. It could also be that you need legal help if you have been the victim of an escalated injury. For instance, a lawyer with experience representing dog bite victims could be essential if you need to prove fault and have your medical costs reimbursed in this manner, pushing litigation as you should. Knowing that this is always an option and that you have a higher authority to appeal to or render services from can help things from getting out of hand.

how to resolve conflict with your neighbors

With this in mind, we hope you can more easily resolve conflicts with your neighbors should they one day arise.

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