How to Save Money During the Holidays and Make Your Kids Happy

Don’t we all love the holidays – the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate? Well, while this sounds like a blast, with time, we realize that more than anything, we love splurging and suffer the consequences when reality hits, often within a few weeks. It is worse when you have kids at home. You will get tired, and cooking will feel exhausting so, you’ll order take out or treat your kids and your tired body and soul. But, is that how you will run every day of your holiday? How do you spend less?

It’s Not Too Far Away

We often lie to ourselves that the holidays are far off and we don’t have to save anything yet. Though the holidays are months away and you haven’t heard the clinking of the jingle bells yet, procrastinating will only hurt your bank account. Cut down on the preemptive purchases before you get a request to coordinate the Christmas celebration and to get the Christmas songs for kids in order.

Do you have that finance management tool getting too much attention from the world – yes, the budget – do you have it? It’s not as complicated as folks make us think – a budget is just a plan for your money.

DIY decor for all seasons is fun and economical!

DIY Décor

There is no better way to bond with your kid (s) or learn more about them other than engaging in a joint activity. At first, convincing your kids to leave their computers to help you make Christmas decorations will be tough, you know your kids, encourage them to use their creativity. The marvel of the new creations will make them happy, you will spend quality time with your babies (teens are still babies), and you will save loads of money. Give it a try – start with an ornament wreath or a garland!

Be generous and kind to others

Practicing Generosity

First off, if you wish not to raise narcissistic kids, then you have to teach them the importance of helping others. They should be able to go out and play with other kids. You should also teach them to share what they have. This is not only a cost-effective way of spending the holidays, but it also makes you and your kids richer in kindness.

If your kid(s) is in their teenage years, note that they will hate you by dragging them from their game but, eventually, they will come around. Who knows, they may even look forward to the next volunteer session thanks to the newfound friendships.

Get outdoors as a family - no matter what the season!

Take to the Outdoors

There is a reason why we use the phrase ‘a breath of fresh air’ to mean a change or a break from the norm. This may not seem like a breath of fresh air for your kids when you ask them to leave their room but, it is the best bonding practice. Rather than visiting the mall, save money by going out hiking or play a sport. Here is the catch, however good you are at the game – let them win. Lose to them, and you’ll love every minute.

If it’s chilly, don’t let that put your family down – indoor sports are within your reach, and you may not have to spend so much in the beginning.

Participate in a potluck dinner for your neighborhood

Try Potluck

Invite your friends and family but, don’t cook for them all. Make everyone prepare a particular meal and bring it over then, dine together. You’ll thank me later – you won’t be responsible for all the dishes by the way!

Save money during the holidays with Christmas activities like sledding

Cheap Christmas Activities

It’s never that serious! Try the following, sledding, seeing Santa at the mall or watching a movie at home over homemade snacks. Your kids must have favorite Christmas stories, read to them. You can also bake together or make a family film!

Remember that travel and parties will screw your budget. Go down the cheap but meaningful and memorable road. Your kids may not remember those grand gestures and prices but, memories last and they will laugh about all that when grown.

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