How to Show Someone You Love Them

For some people, saying “I love you” can be difficult. For others, all too easy. The hallowed words “I love you” aren’t always appropriate for everyone in your life. How do you show it though? Sometimes you don’t have to say a word at all. A little token of gratitude is all that’s needed.

Here are a few ideas.

Take a Trip

If you know this person well, you’ll know where they like to be. If they’re a foodie, why not take them out to their favorite restaurant? If that’s a little too formal, how about you treat them to coffee and cake at a nice little cafe or bistro?

If you know each other a little better, you could try booking a spa day. Just the two of you, having relaxing chats while being pampered.

There’s no reason not to include yourself in these little treats. What better way of showing your gratitude for them being in your life than hanging out with them?

You could even make grander gestures, such as a holiday abroad. Something really special for you and them to enjoy.

Get Them a Gift

It may be materialistic to some, but buying something as an expression of love is perfectly valid. So long as you’re buying something they like, of course.

You can start small with a pleasant little card. Maybe some flowers or a box of chocolates as an added bonus. An aftershave or perfume set can also make a nice gift.

Jewelery is a great way to show affection and gratitude. A ring or necklace of some kind. Maybe even jewellery for a piercing.

You may want to go as far as a locket with pictures of both of you in. This is reserved for the closest of relationships though. Always know your boundaries with people. You may appreciate them very much, but you don’t want to be sending mixed signals.

You could also personalize the jewelry with an engraving, either done in a store or with tools ranging from stamps to emboss dies.

Make Them a Gift

Nothing says “I love you” more than something you made with your two hands. If you’re proficient at crafts or painting, try making them a little ornament or painting something they would enjoy.

It may not be up to professional standards, but it’s the thought that counts. If you’re really worried, they may not like it, maybe sweeten the deal a little with a purchased or cash gift.

Just Say It

“I love you” might still be inappropriate for some situations and some people. That doesn’t mean you can’t find another way of verbalizing it.

Telling someone you appreciate them and you are glad you have them in your life is enough. Material goods can only go so far to show how you feel about someone. While you might want to shower them with gifts and affection, simple words are enough sometimes.

You just have to know when to say it, and how.

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