How To Support Your Kids During School Transitions

We all have to go through school transitions, such as from middle school to high school, but that doesn’t mean it’s a stress-free experience. There’s a lot a child can worry about during this time: being in a totally different environment, having ten times the amount of homework, not liking their new teachers, and even being bullied by the older kids. When they come home after a day at school, they might not even seem like themselves. That’s where supportive actions like these come in.

Talk to Their Teacher

If your child seems to be struggling with their new school, make sure you make their teacher(s) aware. Sometimes a bit more classroom support is all that’s needed, even if it’s just the teacher coming over during quiet working time and asking how they’re getting on. 

Staying up to date with the school is always a good idea. Your child’s teacher may even have some insight into their school time behavior and help you identify the most pressing issue they’re dealing with. 

See What Clubs Are Offered

Most schools offer after school or weekend clubs for students to get involved in. As such, look into the clubs on offer and see if your child would be interested. Go through the brochure together and talk about what could be fun. 

Not only will this help your child associate their new school environment with enjoyment, but if they’re concerned about having few friends, a club is a surefire way to make some more. 

Hire a Tutor

A tutor can help your child become accustomed to their new workload by offering tips to manage it, as well as providing more quality teaching time on a regular basis. Looking up online math tutors and paying for a few sessions can really help at a time like this, but make sure your child is OK with having to get to know yet another new teacher first! 

However, a good tutor will make the transition much easier, rather than harder, so it’s always worth taking a look anyway. 

Ask What They’re Struggling With

It might be hard to get your child to open up, but if you want to get to the heart of the matter, you need to talk to them. It might take them a while to put their feelings into words, or even feel like they can tell you, but keep at it. 

Your child is the most reliable source for how hard the school transition really is. If they’re struggling with something, they’re probably not the only one! Once you get some answers out of them, you can talk to other parents and see if this is a common issue. 

If your child has recently moved school, make sure you keep an eye on how they’re coping. Talk to the school, get a tutor involved, and try to make the idea of this new school more fun. Challenges are part of life but they can be resolved. 

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