How to take Baby Gift Shopping to the Next Level

Whether you want to spoil your nephew for his first birthday or buy your best friend a baby gift for their upcoming bundle of joy, these occasions call for that little something extra. These are examples of some of our favorite luxury baby items and the best ways to find them.

Take Your Baby Gift Shopping to the Next Level

Care for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Find some baby clothes and layettes made out of natural fibers as it’s better for the baby’s sensitive skin. Buy a box of specialty layettes for an entire year or luxury warm socks, made out of Japanese pile cotton. If you really want to splurge, think about upgrading to cashmere layettes instead.

Stylish Leather Diaper Bag

Buy every new mom what they really need – a stylish leather diaper bag with lots of room. Make sure it has ample room for all the basics, including bottle pouches, as well as extra pockets for keeping medication, cell phones, and even tucking a small changing cover. If you really want to splurge, buy a smaller diaper bag, so there’s a bag in each car.

Specialty Items for Baby Care

Purchase specialty items that make caring for the baby easier. Consider buying a food grinder so that the new parents can make and puree their own natural baby food instead of using jarred stuff. You can even add a fresh food feeder, which helps babies feed themselves as they grow older without assistance. A wipes warmer is another viable option because it heats up cold wipes, making it easier for baby’s bottom.

Go for a Lamborghini

Find luxury ride-on toys. Instead of the usual plastic ride-on fire trucks or bikes, splurge on life-size stuffed animals, which will thrill young children and make them feel like it’s real. You can find life-size giraffes and brown bears that rock back and forth. For new dads that love cars, consider splurging on a miniature designer car, such as a Lamborghini, that would also be ideal for a first birthday gift.

Luxury Gift Baskets – For Baby and Parents

Buy a luxury gift basket. Select one that includes items for both the new addition and the new parents, such as a bath-time themed one, containing colourful dinosaur bath toys and a hooded velour safari-themed towel. These luxury baskets include high-quality cotton wash clothes, gentle baby body wash, and a bottle of French wine for the new parents. These gifts are always appreciated and it’s easy to have these baby gifts delivered directly to the new family.

Special Heirloom Keepsakes

Purchase some special keepsakes. Think about a silver or pewter piggy bank, engraved with the baby’s name. Another option is a keepsake box to hold the baby’s first tooth when it comes in and then later falls out for bigger ones. What a proud moment for mom and dad.

You can spend a few dollars or hundreds of dollars to find the perfect baby gift. In the end, each of these gifts is very thoughtful and would be appreciated. It all comes down to how much you want to splurge and where you plan on shopping for the luxury items.

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  1. don’t know what kinda discusion I should be joining and over what LOST LOST LOST

  2. New great niece and you gave me a lot of things to think about. The one thing I have done is I am buying all organic creams for her

  3. My niece is expecting next April and my husband and I would love to get the baby something unique, something she can look back on when she’s older. So we decided to go with a video of us telling her how excited we are about her arrival, what’s going on in the world today, etc. It’ll be something she will treasure years to come.

    • Oh wow Robin that is so freaking neat!!!! I am constantly checking out those websites that tell you what was happening on the day you were born. The only people in my family still alive who were there when I was born are my two uncles and my dad … so getting someone else’s perspective on what it was like the day that I was born and what was happening in the world would have been too freaking cool! Thanks for sharing that awesome idea!

  4. I love buying baby items that are a bit personalized for all of the baby showers I go to for my daughters’ friends. The Special Heirloom Keepsakes are one of my favorites.

  5. I think that luxury baskets are a wonderful gift.. Add to that basket some heirloom items and you are set.. Presents for babies do not have to be run of the mill they be creative and inexpensive if you take the time and care..

    • I agree Michele! A creative and inexpensive gift will be just as appreciated for the time and care you put into choosing the gift as something extravagant and over the top that “anyone” could go out and buy lol!

  6. I like purchasing heirloom or similar keepsakes. I like giving the Peter Rabbit Wedgewood Baby set.

    • OMG Lynne I remember those!!! I actually had a set given to me when my daughter was born and I thought they were just so adorable!!! Thanks for bringing back those memories!

      • I was living in the UK when I first saw them. I wonder if they still make them. My other favorite gift was a Dior sleeper.

  7. Such a great post. Sometimes we forget what babies need and what mamas want for their babies. I’m getting a new niece so this will come in handy

    • I completely agree Kristen! I remember years ago when I first started to attend baby showers, everything was for the baby. It got me to thinking though – what about the new parents? The mom and dad who have NEVER done this before, are probably scared out of their minds on whether they are going to do a good job … they need some love and pampering too for those late nights when the baby has been up crying for hours and nothing helps lol!

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