How to Tell If You Need a New Driveway

Regardless of how great your home looks from the outside, if your driveway is crumbling or cracked, this can instantly affect a person’s first impressions of your home and greatly decrease your home’s curb appeal. 

While you can choose to repair your driveway, these types of repairs can build up and even cost just as much as a new driveway without having the same striking effect as a new driveway. Make sure you do some research to see the best option for your particular drive. 

Below is a list of five signs that you can look out for that may indicate you need a new driveway. 

Visible Cracks

If there are multiple cracks visible on the surface of your driveway, this is often a sign that you need to consider getting a new drive. Over time, these cracks will keep getting bigger and bigger. 

cracked driveway

During the winter, driveway cracks will only worsen as water can get in them, which can then freeze, causing them to expand. This can then increase the size of the cracks. 

If there are just a few small cracks present, you may be able to repair these. However, if the cracks are deep or long, these can cause concern and will often indicate that your driveway needs to be replaced. 

Potholes Forming

Potholes are more than just unsightly. They can also cause serious injuries or damage to your car. If you have to drive over a pothole every day, this can cause damage to the tires, wheels, and your vehicle’s suspension. 

potholes in driveway

If you just have one small pothole on your driveway, you may simply be able to repair it. However, this fix may not last very long, so it should only be a temporary solution. Potholes occur due to damage under the ground, making the surface weak and can cause it to start to break apart. 

A pothole that is repaired will likely return over time. With this in mind, the best option is to completely replace the driveway’s surface. The cost of tarmacing a drive may seem overwhelming, but it is definitely a good investment as repairs can often end up being more costly. 

Drainage Issues

If your driveway is in poor condition or if it’s quite old, then the drainage system may not be as effective as it once was. If you notice pools of water on the surface or if you notice water running down the middle of the driveway, this usually indicates that there is a drainage issue. 

driveway drainage problem

Pools of water can damage the driveway’s surface as they can create large cracks. It can be very dangerous to use a driveway with drainage issues during the winter months as water can easily freeze on the surface. This will then become slippery and can cause injuries. 

A driveway with drainage issues should be replaced for safety reasons and to prevent further damage. 

Faded Colors

As time goes on, your driveway may begin to fade due to weathering and sun exposure. This can make your driveway surface appear patchy and unattractive. It can also make it seem quite old and unsightly. 

If you chose your driveway surface color to fit in with the theme of your home, then it may not look right anymore and could end up clashing with the rest of your home if it has become quite faded and unlike it was when it was new. 

Many new driveway materials such as resin driveways have properties within them to help them retain their color for many years. Newer driveways made with this kind of material tend to remain to look great for much longer than older driveway materials. 

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