How to Transform Your Home This Winter

If you are somewhat bored of your home decoration this winter, it’s time to make some changes before your friends and family start to visit for parties and gatherings. It’s time to brainstorm some ideas and come up with a design style that suits your personality and the season. 

Get the Details Right

If you wish to transform your home this winter without huge expenses; all it requires is some attention to detail. First, think of a theme you would like for your home, such as “romantic castle” or “90s Christmas”, and look for accent pieces to create the vibe. 

“Romantic castle” is an excellent theme for the season because it blends old styles with festive color – the perfect combination. All you need for this is some wrought iron candle holders and striking red flowers. For a 90s theme, go for a bushy Christmas tree with loads of bobbles.   

Choose Vibrant Blue 

Blue is one of those colors that can feel cold; for this reason, it’s usually avoided in downstairs rooms and in the winter season. However, vibrant blue can complement the seasons as well. A blue color scheme matches our idea of the season and contributes to the festive spirit. 

Blue is often used in the bedrooms because it’s a soothing color that creates a sense of coolness. But, if you want to do something different with vibrant blue this winter, why not paint an accent wall in the kitchen or living room. Blue works well with white, red, and black.  

Extend the Outside 

If you already have a patio or outdoor area in your home, you only have to update it with wreaths and candles for the season. If you don’t have an outdoor area to use for festive gatherings, you can make one by extending any outdoor area with temporary decking and furniture. 

Extend the Holidays to Your Outdoor Living Space

Temporary decking can be bought from local hardware shops, but if you prefer a savvy DIY hack, then why not make some out of wooden pallets? Wooden pallets are easy to find or buy, and with a little attention, they can make the perfect festive outdoor decking for parties. 

Choose corner desks 

A corner desk is perfect for any time of the year, what’s more, they work in different styles of home. A corner desk can be used for storage or for working on; they are also ideal for home offices. The big advantage of corner desks is the space-saving potential of the design. 

Tangkula Corner Desk

Our corner desk is made of a high-quality solid wood frame and engineered wood board. which ensures it is sturdy and durable. The workstation comes with a large storage drawer and (2) open shelves on the side of the desk providing ample space. Classic and timeless lines, this corner desk can maximize space in compact rooms and is available in a variety of finishes.

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If you’re interested in a corner desk for your home, spend some time browsing your options online and decide on a style that suits your home and your style. Corner desks are available in different shapes and sizes – many have design intentions, so read the descriptions carefully. 

Display firewood 

This season it’s all about staying cozy and warm, and what better way to do this than to display firewood in your home. Of course, since displaying firewood is a trend, you don’t need a fireplace; it simply adds to the festive vibe.

White Birch Decorative Log Set

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a beautiful display of firewood in your fireplace with Christmas decorations surrounding the mantel and sides. For decorative purposes only from Wilson Enterprises

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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That said, a wood burner is a worthwhile purchase but displaying some firewood interspersed with twinkling lights will be just as pretty.

However you decide to transform your home this winter, the key element to remember is cozy and inviting, and you won’t go wrong!

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