How to Turn Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Are you always wishing you had some tranquility in your busy home? If you’re tired of trying to snatch a few minutes to yourself in the home office or bathroom, perhaps it’s time for a man cave.

If you’re thinking these lairs are a costly undertaking, it doesn’t need to be that way. We’ll show you today how to build a simple man cave without spending a fortune starting with the very basics.

The Preparation Stage

Unless you’ve just moved into a new house, it’s highly unlikely your garage will be primed to start filling with tech and memorabilia. We’re not going to delve into theming a man cave today since décor is entirely personal.

So, instead of getting excited and heading shopping right away, pay attention to these simple steps central to building a personalized man cave…

  • Start with a Spotless Canvas
  • Don’t Skip The Insulation
  • Get The Paintbrush Out
  • Assess The Flooring Situation
  • The Importance of Intelligent Lighting
  • Address Security Issues

Start with a Spotless Canvas

Chances are, you’ll need to get started by thoroughly deep-cleaning your garage. You probably have the space filled with all sorts of tools, cleaning products, and bikes or other vehicles.

Use this opportunity to eBay anything unwanted. Give the remainder away and get the garage fully organized.

If you’re not inclined to clean yourself, it’s worth calling in a cleaner so you can get the empty space blitzed and start with an immaculate canvas.

Don’t Skip The Insulation

Depending on how your garage has been constructed, you’ll need to consider insulating the wall, floors, ceiling, and door. Be prepared for this to run you a few hundred bucks.

Get The Paintbrush Out

With your budding man cave empty, clean, and neatly insulated, it’s time to start smartening things up…

If you’re looking to create your own little haven, you should spend some time thinking about the most appropriate color scheme.

As with all aspects of building your man cave, if you’re not comfy with any practical element and all the time and attention flooring jobs require, call in, a professional concrete contractor, to get the job done for you. Plus, this gives you a longer lasting finish depending on your preferred garage floor material.

However you get it done, a splash of paint all over will help you carve out your own tranquil sanctuary.

Assess The Flooring Situation

If your garage floor feels cold and unwelcoming, that’s the opposite of the effect you want to achieve with your man cave. Luckily, it’s not tough to fix this problem.

One solution is to add some wooden flooring. But first you get started, you have to check the floor is leveled. This needn’t cost the earth, just use a solid laser level and it’s much more practical for a man cave than carpeting. Spilled beers can just be wiped down.

If you’re looking to soften things up on a budget, think about some area rugs to inject warmth and texture without digging too deep.

The Importance of Intelligent Lighting

Many garages are limited to a single garish fluorescent strip light. These are harsh on your eyes, costly, and less than relaxing.

Instead, install some energy-efficient LEDs. If you don’t want to rewire the garage, consider using smart bulbs like the starter kits from the mighty Philips Hue. These are plug-and-play in their simplicity.

You can also build in some accent lighting with moveable smart LED light strips. Remember to get the best energy deal from an affordable electric company!

Address Security Issues

Given the expensive gear you’re likely to pop in your man cave, you need to make sure the door is fully secured. Think about adding some motion-activated sensors and extending your home security system to cover the garage.


With those basics in place, you’ve got the ideal foundation to start filling with goodies. Here’s how to get started.

Image by Nicholas Maze

6 Man Cave Essentials

While we appreciate everyone has different wants and needs in a man cave, consider the following 5 staples to get things started:

  1. Supersized Smart TV with Streaming Service
  2. Leather Recliner
  3. Pool Table
  4. Gaming Chair
  5. Virtual Reality Headset
  6. Leave Space for Garage Stuff

Supersized Smart TV with Streaming Service

One issue with a man cave is that space can be limited. This becomes something of a problem with a larger TV.

Sit too close to the action, and all you’ll get is a heavily pixelated mess. Why not consider a supersized 4K TV? With these ultra-HD beauties, you can watch what you want from where you want without any reduction in picture quality.

You should also look at TVs with streaming services programmed in so as to max out your entertainment potential. The final icing on the garage, so to speak, is having some kick-ass speakers, that deliver sound quality no matter where you are in the garage. Check out this comparison of the top center channel speakers at Speakers Hunter to find the one that is right for your space and needs.

Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Leather Recliner

Perhaps you want a classic La-Z-Boy recliner for yourself? Many other brands also offer similarly decadent leather recliners serving up the ideal combination of comfort, durability, and style.

If you’ve got more restrained tastes, some classic Eames chairs make a striking statement. Once you’ve catered for yourself, don’t forget to factor in enough comfy seating for when you have the boys round. Whether you want to scatter some beanbags or opt for more regular furniture, don’t leave anyone standing, and make sure there are plenty of chairs and couches to go round.

Pool Table

A pool table sets off any man cave even if it doesn’t get much use. If you like the idea of easing into the weekend with a few racks of 8-Ball, you don’t need to go to the bar for the privilege. Just head to the bar in your man cave for refreshments then rack ‘em up!

Gaming Chair

If you can’t get enough of PlayStation or X-Box, throw in a low-slung rocker-style gaming chair.

These chairs don’t take up too much space and typically come with onboard speakers to really amp up your gaming experience.

Virtual Reality Headset

A man cave is no place for trailing wires and cables. Roll with an all-in-one VR headset. All you’ll need is an app and a relatively recent smartphone to start exploring the wonders of virtual reality in your man cave.

Leave Space for Garage Stuff

A garage is a storing place after all. So don’t forget to leave some space for keeping your stuff. If you have kids, there must be a spot to keep their riding toys, sports gear, and other big-sized essentials.

What To Do Next

If you’re serious about building your very own man cave, our parting advice is simple… Just get started! Don’t skip the preparation, use our shortlist for some inspiration and create your own inner sanctum.

Have you turned your garage into a man cave? Share your photos with us in the comments!

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