How to Wear Boots: Top Tips on Styles to Go With Boots

For the winter months, a good pair of boots is an essential. They really are the best way to keep your feet warm and dry. However, because they are expensive items, you need to take your time when buying them to ensure that you choose wisely. Ideally, you do not want to end up having to find the cash to buy several pairs of boots.

There are plenty of top boot styles to choose from, so finding the right pair for you should not be too difficult. To help you to do so, here are a few styling tips.

The right boots for wearing with a dress

If you still like to wear dresses, in the winter months you need to be particularly careful about what style of boots you buy. When you go shopping, always wear the type of dress you like most. That way you can try each pair on and see how they look with your favorite style of dress. There are a few combinations that tend to work well, so these are a good starting point.

Thigh/high boots and short skirts

If you have good legs, why not show them off. A classic combination that looks particularly good is a pair of thigh high boots paired with a short dress. For a party, this is a particularly good option. This year, there are many different types of thigh high boots available, including really shiny Disco ball boots.

Slouchy booties and fitted dresses

For a fitted dress, the right pair of booties can work well. If you can look for classic styles these tend to create the smart vibe you need to pull this look off. It is also important to make sure that they have a bit of a heel. If they are too flat, there is a danger that they will look too clunky to work with a fitted dress.

Mid-calf boots and longer dresses

If you like to wear dresses that finish just below the knee a pair of mid-calf boots is usually the right answer. This year´s leg hugging styles work particularly well, but you do need to take care to match the color of your boots properly with your dress.

The best approach is to choose a color palette for the winter and use that to inform all the purchases that you make. This article explains how to choose the right colors for you and blend them together properly. You can use the advice you find here to help you to put together the right mix of clothes and footwear.

Comfort comes first

Regardless, of what style of boot you do decide to buy, remember to make comfort your primary consideration. There is no point in buying a pair of boots just because they look great with your favorite dress. If they are not comfortable and practical, they will just stay in the back of the cupboard and you will need to buy another pair.

Have a Great Week!

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