How To Winter-Proof Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

winterize your home

With the winter months fast approaching, you need to react unless you want to spend the next couple of weeks with icicles forming on the end of your nose! Your home has its own style and character, yet it’s essential to mix things up when the seasons change to make it homelier. For example, you wouldn’t opt for thick, chunky curtains in the middle of the summer when blinds are thinner and airier. The same applies to winter; however, you need to know how to winterize your property effectively without spending a fortune if your budget isn’t bottomless.

Regulate Heat

Energy wastage is the main feature of an inefficient house. Of course, it’s not as if you can plug all the draughts with new, double-glazed windows considering the cost. But, what you can do is try and regulate the heat throughout the different rooms. Thermostats should be set to around 70°F in the winter or 21°C, in general. In reality, individual areas of your home could be chillier, which is why thermostats on radiators are excellent additions. As they’re autonomous, you can decide what setting to have, regardless of the location. Then, each room can remain at the ideal temperature without the need to kickstart the boiler unnecessarily.

Opt For Faux Wood

Wood elements are fantastic as they are warm and comfortable. They are also expensive, so nobody expects you to decorate with solid hardwoods, such as oak. Instead, you require a faux option that mimics wood in every way, and vinyl is the answer. Vinyl flooring is usually made from recyclable materials, meaning it has the same properties. Plus, it’s laid tight to plug gaps and prevent air leaks, and it comes in a variety of thicknesses. Laminate is another popular floor material, yet vinyl is superior when it comes to winterizing your home.

Turn Off Radiators

Turning off the radiators might seem to be a bad move when you want to keep warm as the mercury drops, but it’s a clever tactic if you can’t afford to replace a boiler or your radiators. Why? It’s because old furnaces are inefficient, which means they lack the power to heat an entire house at the same time. By switching off the water flow to the rooms that you don’t use, you can strategically channel the hot H2O to the ones you do, ensuring you’re toasty warm. Another hack is to shut the doors to prevent the cold air from circulating.

Upgrade Your Boiler

Yes, a boiler is never a cheap purchase. And, if it is, you should think twice before forking out the money because a low price isn’t a good sign. However, if you plan on staying put for the long-term, it could work out as an investment. An A-rated product is 90% efficient, compared to a G-rated one, which is 65%. Also, a boiler can add up to 4% to the value of a property, as long as it’s a quality product and comes with the proper accreditation.

how to winter proof your home without spending a fortune

The decision is yours, but don’t forget to calculate your long-term fees and expenses.

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