How You Can Add Value and Comfort to Your Home with Traditional Rugs

Homeowners are consistently looking for ways to improve their home. They want to enhance the comfort and appearance of their home, without being require to spend enormously. While there are many tweaks that can be made, nothing will be as effective as adding a traditional rug in your home. These affordable accessories can enhance your home in numerous ways. Those that are not convinced should scour through the achievements that can be made with traditional rugs below.


Additional Comfort

There are benefits provided by hardwood floors. They’re much easier to keep clean and you will never have to worry about owning a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, hardwood floors have drawbacks as well. They can be slightly uncomfortable. Trying to sleep on wood is never fun. If you prefer the hardwood, but want to add comfort to your floors, you should consider investing in a few traditional rugs. Once the rug has been thrown on the floor, you will be able to sleep on the floor comfortably and won’t have to worry about hurting your back. Just make sure you opt for a fluffy rug, which will provide you with extra cushioning.

Added Protection

At the same time, you should realize that hardwood floors are fairly fragile. A dropped glass, plate or pan can do immense damage to your hardwood floor. This isn’t the case with carpets or rugs. The fluffy carpet will provide cushioning and will not be visibly damaged by a dropped item. If your home has hardwood in the kitchen, you may want to consider investing in one or two traditional rugs. The accessory will spruce up the aesthetics of your home, while also protecting your hardwood. Just remember that spilled drinks will be a little more difficult to clean on carpets and rugs. Nonetheless, the rug will still shield your hardwood from damage.

Sprucing Things Up

When it comes down to it, the majority of homeowners will invest in some type of rug as a way to spruce up their home’s appearance. Looking at the same colors each and every day can become boring very quickly and painting the walls will be very time consuming. You can fix this problem by adding a colorful rug to your home. If you want, you can always invest in two or more traditional rugs. This will give you the ability to seamlessly alter your home’s appearance without being forced to take drastic measures.

Just pick up the existing rug and throw the new one down in its place. With the right colors, you will be able to maintain your home’s harmony while changing its appearance as frequently as you desire.

Insulation And Padding

And finally, you should realize that rugs are capable of adding insulation and padding to your home’s floors. If your home has become cold, you should consider throwing down a rug. It will help to keep the heat trapped inside of your home. And of course, the rug will also add padding. This will decrease the amount of noise created when someone walks through your home. If you’re worried about waking people up at night, throw down a rug and walk on it.

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  1. I don’t have hardwoods (yet) but I love to use rugs in my kitchen and bathrooms. I just inherited a bunch of throw rugs that I know will come in handy.

  2. I love using rugs throughout the house. They add warmth and charm to my hardwood floors.

  3. Great tips! I have lived in homes with wood floors, and tile as well. Hard wood floors are definitely better covered, as it not only protects them but makes your home cozier! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • We have both in our home (as well as tile) and while it’s much easier to keep the hardwood floors clean with a dog in the house – in the winter I much prefer having carpeting on the floors to keep the toes warm!

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