I Finally Got Some White Stuff!

I crave snow like a kid craves candy. Call it a hang up from growing up in Pennsylvania if you will – but winter just isn’t winter until it snows for me. I don’t mean that little dusting of snow either – has to be at least six inches or more to meet my snow criteria! We finally got a bit of the fluffy stuff last night – but as you’ll see, it doesn’t match up to momma’s criteria – but pretty nonetheless! I decided to share the black and white versions of my photos with you – I just love the way they look!

01-17-2013 snow pic01

This is the view of the shopping center across the street from our apartment complex, taken from my back steps.

01-17-2013 snow pic02

The holly bushes right outside my living room window

01-17-2013 snow pic03

The view looking left from my back steps. That hill you see to the left in the distance? It is literally covered with children and sleds at the moment!

01-17-2013 snow pic04

I think Molly was rather pleased that her little area of the yard wasn’t completely covered in that cold, nasty white stuff. She acts like such a little “miss priss” when she has to go outside and it is raining or snowing. Heaven forbid she might get her dainty little toes wet!

01-17-2013 snow pic05

Another shot looking left from my back steps. The roads are not too bad, just a bit dangerous in the early morning and evening hours due to all the rain that we had (four days in a row) freezing and causing black ice conditions.

01-17-2013 snow pic06

Love how the snow just hugs the pine tree branches!

01-17-2013 snow pic07

Last but not least, a shot of the front yard to the right of our steps. Like I said, not enough to qualify as a good snow for me, but in Virginia, you take what you can get when you can get it!

Of course, it goes without saying that ALL of the schools in the city and surrounding counties are closed today. I’d be willing to bet that if you walk into the local grocery store as well, the natives have cleaned the shelves of bread and milk. Why do people buy up all of the bread and milk when snow comes? I’m still trying to figure out the mentality behind that one. I guess being a born-and-raised Pennsylvania girl I just have a different mind set when it comes to snow.

I’ll never understand Virginia southerners.

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