I Hate Kid Dirt

MomToday has just been one of those days where it seems as though every little thing annoys the mess out of me. I hate days like that, because I always feel like I turn into a super bitch on days like this. Don’t want to talk to anyone, don’t want to go anywhere, don’t want to do anything, just want to be left alone.

Of course, that just never happens. The kids are hounding for something, hubby is yacking in your ear, neighbors are pounding on the door, the dog is spinning circles in your carpet because she’s about to piss herself because you wouldn’t take her outside.

It isn’t so much the everyday things either – even though you don’t want to – you know that dishes need to be done, meals need to be cooked, life keeps moving on. It’s the stupid little things that annoy the living daylights out of me – like the kids doing something they have been told a gazillion times NOT to do. Such as laying in our bed.

We have the Wii in our bedroom so that we can watch Netflix at night. The kids want to watch YouTube videos and play games on the Wii, so I get that – they want to come in the bedroom and hang out. Considering its where I spend 85% of my time – they come in here to hang out with me and chat too while I’m online.

They know; however, that they are NOT allowed to climb into our bed and get under the covers. They can sit on the end of the bed all day long, but do NOT lay on my pillows and do NOT get under my covers! Simple. They have heard this since they were 2 years old. Do they listen though? Hell to the no! Every chance they get, they are sliding their grimy little butts under my covers and getting dirt in our bed. They can come out of the shower, freshly scrubbed, gleaming from head to toe, and they STILL manage to get dirt in our bed!!! How the hell do clean little bodies get dirt in your bed? I’m still pondering that…

So now the 10 year old is supremely pissed at me because I just told him to get his grimy little butt out of my bed. He ignored me. Then his dad said something to him, and he flaunted out the bedroom, with the sheets a tangled mess.

Sigh. I’m going to bed. After I shake the kid dirt out of the bed. Again.


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