I Haven’t Got a Clue

Man – where do I even begin? The past two weeks have been a virtual whirlwind of events, emotions, appointments and what not. Sorry for not having been around more on a personal level – sometimes it gets like that. Here’s a quick summary of everything that has transpired over the past several days …

Organization – I *think* that I have finally gotten myself organized to the point where I won’t miss a thing again. I’ve incorporated a Blogger Planner in with my weekly appointment planner for the family, have sections for bills, giveaways, shopping, planning upcoming events, inspirational quotes, address and phone section, school events, Boosters Club info, family information, etc. My mom’s journal is brimming to capacity at the moment – so I was thinking that I might need to separate some of it out. Think I will put into my smaller binder only the current month’s activities and events that are going on and current bills that are due – and keep the rest of the not-needed-every-day items in the larger binder. It’s a work in progress but I know (now) where every single thing I need is at and all of my filing is current and put where it belongs! Woo hoo!

Family – I am so extremely proud of J. at the moment that I could just burst – literally. I know that school and/or homework are NOT on his high list of priorities – let’s be honest, he’d rather play Call of Duty all day long before even thinking about cracking a book open if I didn’t mention it to him ‘now and again’ (cough cough). Friday we were checking through the online Blackboard for his school for a particular study guide, and I decided to check his grades out. The kid blew me away:

(sorry picture was lost in the move)

J. has never been able to recover grades like that before on his own. I squealed like I had won the damn lottery when I saw those grades and ran out to the kitchen and just hugged the crap out of him and covered the top of his head with kisses. When he saw the paper and his grades, he got that adorable little half-grin on his face that I am so totally in love with and just went back to working out his math problems lol! I even printed a copy out for his teacher, Betty, to show her – I thought she was gonna cry too she was so proud of him. Unfortunately, now we both know that he is more than capable of doing the work so no more bullshit excuses will be accepted ha ha ha!!!!

February 19th is going to be a day that I will never forget. To read that post though – you’ll have to go here.

In the News – WoW. The Pope resigned. 1st time that has happened in 600 years. What an amazing piece of history to be a part of, you know? Did anyone else watch ABC’s live coverage of the event?

I fell in love with Rome watching the ABC News coverage. What an absolutely beautiful place!

I get a kick out of all of the conspiracy conversations flying around out there. Since J. is so interested in the Illuminati – naturally I’m a secret stalker of their Twitter account and found this article online as well. The Pope, Barack Obama, Beyoncé and Tupac. Yeah, I can just see that happening guys.

Personally, I think Pope Benedict XVI was pretty cool. The first Pope to have a Twitter account – he brought the Catholic church up-to-speed.

If you missed his final moments – here’s the official video from ABC News. I got a thing for George Stephanopoulos. Sue me.

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