Ideas For Helping Your Children With Their Learning

When you’re raising children, you will quickly learn that learning can happen anywhere and at any time. There are more ways for children to learn than just having formal lessons in school, for example. It can be hard as a parent to know if our children are learning enough, especially from a young age, but if you are aware of the things that they are playing with, the things that they are learning from, and what they are doing when at home, rather than school, you can ensure that they are constantly learning, just in a variety of ways. Here are some things to consider if you want to help and encourage your children to keep learning, whether at home or at school.

Show Your Interest

We can all be guilty of asking them how their day was or how school was. But this kind of question will lead to a closed answer most of the time, with a simple yes, no, good, or fine. If you want to take more of an interest in their learning, then asking some more open questions will make a difference. Ask them what their favorite thing was about the day or ask them to tell you a really cool fact they learned. It helps them to go over what they were learning and shows that you do have a keen interest in what they are doing. 

Plan an After School Routine

When school has finished, there are still a large number of hours in the day to fill. It can be beneficial to you all to plan the time well and make the most of the time that you have. It doesn’t mean that you have to do the same things each day, but having something in place, working around other commitments and classes, will make a difference. Figure out who will be home each evening and when. Then you can work out if there are activities to add in, like swimming lessons or sports clubs, as well as working out when dinner will be and when you will do reading and things like homework. Make sure that there is some time to relax too. The main thing is having a routine, as this is beneficial for children so they know what to expect and when. 

Look for Learning Resources at Home

One of the best ways that children can learn is if they don’t even realize that they are learning. For example, if they are allowed some screen time after school, they could be using something like ABCmouse to play maths and English games, rather than just watching mindless YouTube videos. By seeking out some additional learning resources that they can do at home, it will be beneficial to you all and make sure that they are spending time wisely, always with some kind of learning in mind. 

Involve Physical Activity

If you find that your kids are full of energy and find it hard to focus on something like homework, then don’t force them if it isn’t working right then. There is a lot that can be said for getting children to be active. In a situation like this, get some music on, dance and jump around, and get them to burn off some energy before trying again. 

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The best advice I’ve ever received as a parent is to be engaged. If you are engaged with what your children are doing, and you participate in their activities – either doing something with them or cheering from the sidelines – you will see your child learn and grow in a variety of ways!

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