Ideas for Keeping Your Kids’ Minds Active

A limited amount of screen time for your kids is fine, and can even be educational, as well as helping to develop their imagination. However, passively watching TV probably isn’t what you want them to do all day. Keeping their minds active is important, but you need to get them to want to do things that engage them. There are lots of ways you can engage your children and make sure they use their brains every day, instead of just sitting in front of a TV or computer. Take a look at some of the following ideas to get your kids exercising their brains.

Play Games and Quizzes

Playing games can provide plenty of ways to engage the brain, depending on what game you choose to play. They can help to exercise and build different skills and use different parts of the brain. There are board games, card games, memory games, imaginative games, and much more. Quizzes can also be super fun and test your child’s knowledge and memory. Gather some Disney trivia questions for kids and have some fun getting them to answer questions about their favorite movies and TV shows. Or quiz them on the things that they’re learning at school for some extra practice.

Do Something Creative

Creativity is an essential skill to have. Even people who work in the sciences often need to be able to think creatively to find solutions to problems. There are many creative things you can do with your children to keep them engaged in some active activities. You can choose something specific to make or learn, or you could let them take the lead and do what they like. It’s a good idea to have materials on hand for making things, but being creative can also mean writing something, making up a song or anything else that requires creativity and imagination.

Get Help with Chores

It might not be their favorite thing to do, but getting your kids to help with chores can keep their minds active. For example, taking them grocery shopping can be a good idea. They can help you to find the things on your list, and older children can use their numeracy skills to work out how much things are going to cost and how they can stick to a budget. Other chores could help to keep their minds active too, from taking everything out of the dishwasher to setting the table.

Do Plenty of Reading

Reading is a great activity if you want to engage your children in something mentally stimulating. You can read together, have them read to you or let them read on their own if their reading skills are good enough. Even just looking at pictures in books can also be a good way for your kids to spend some time. Reading every day is an excellent idea, even if it’s just for ten minutes each day.

If you don’t want your kids to watch TV all day, provide them with activities that will engage their brains instead.

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