Important Tips for a Safe Return to School During COVID-19

As a parent, keeping your children safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is a major concern. Due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, the reopening of schools may have given you even more cause for concern. About 50% of American school districts have expressed readiness to open their doors once again, but with this latest development comes a disturbing question to parents: Is it safe for my child to return to the classroom? Implementing these tips should help you feel more secure about sending your children back to school. 

Highlight COVID-19 precautions every day 

You are aware of the COVID-19 symptoms and what to do when your child appears to be sick. You may have also spent the whole time in lockdown teaching your child the precautionary measures to take to avoid contracting the virus. However, your child may not always remember to wash their hands, wear their mask, or not stand too close to classmates. All these possibilities raise so much concern about the reopening of schools. Therefore, before leaving for school, remind your children of the safety protocols like avoiding close contact with others, keeping the nose masks on, and frequently washing their hands. 

Admittedly, despite the constant attempts to follow COVID-19 measures, your child isn’t 100% protected from the virus. Keeping children in a room like it was before may endanger them. This is why the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has established safety guidelines to protect students. You must understand these precautionary steps and help your child understand them too. In some instances, you may have to enrol your older child in online high school classes to protect them.

Pay attention to your child’s concerns

Giving a listening ear to a child’s concern is one thing most parents struggle with, but in such a challenging period, paying attention to your children’s anxiety is very significant. As a parent, you assume an incredibly crucial role in ensuring that your child feels safe and heard. You also have to make sure that your child receives the right information and has someone they can confide in. Make yourself available to help your children feel comfortable enough to express their worries or uneasiness about returning to the classroom. It is challenging to be vulnerable; however, you should find a way to start a conversation if it doesn’t come up itself. 

Don’t forget to vaccinate 

Whether your child is schooling from home or in the classroom, it is essential to keep them up to date on all vaccinations. Health experts have advised all school-aged children to get a flu shot every season. These vaccinations have become particularly important since the flu and the Coronavirus share similar symptoms. Although a flu shot is not a vaccination against COVID-19, it can help minimize influenza risks and other complications. 

Following these measures can help assure your child’s safety when returning to school during the pandemic. You should also check with your local schools and other health agencies on the measures taken to decrease infection risks before school reopening.  

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