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Staying independent when you have limited mobility is difficult. It is even more difficult if you face a steep flight of stairs to get to your home. Without the right support and accessories, many individuals find themselves housebound. A stairs chair lift could dramatically change this for a wide range of individuals.

When you suffer from reduced mobility or pain when moving, an exterior steep flight of stairs can be a daunting proposition. The difficulties only increase during wet and cold weather, when the risk of slipping and falling increases.

Standard mobility aids such as walking sticks and crutches are of limited use and support as they too often become more difficult to use in poor weather conditions. An alternative is to use a wheelchair or scooter, but this requires structural changes so that a slope can be laid. However, this is not always feasible as more space is required for ramps that can accommodate wheelchairs than for steps.

Stairlifts are, however, a lasting and appropriate solution to this problem. An appropriate, purpose-built, exterior mobility lift can be installed to run along the side of the steps. Exterior lifts are built to withstand the elements and will continue working under almost any weather conditions without losing power. The seat can be designed to fold up when not in use, meaning that no space is lost and abler bodied individuals can use the stairs as normal. Modern stairlifts and chairs can be fitted easily and with the minimum of fuss and mess. They are the perfect antidote to being stuck indoors, reliant on others.

Ensuring You Get A Good Deal

When the stairs begin to become too difficult for you, it is time to consider an alternative method of reaching the different floors in your home. A chair lift is an ideal mobility solution. However, it is important to know what you are getting for your money. Read on to find out how to find a company providing quality stairlifts at competitive rates so you know you’re getting value for your money.

Ensuring you get a good deal on your stairlift starts with carefully choosing the mobility company you work with. It is essential to choose a company who specializes in, or partner with someone who is a specialist, in these types of mobility aids and equipment. While they may not always be the cheapest, their knowledge and expertise will save you money in terms of maintenance and repairs over the long term. Look for a company that will offer a free assessment and quote. This should involve them coming out to see exactly what you need, both in terms of your disability and the size and shape of the staircase.

This is important because the needs of an individual using a wheelchair will be very different from those of someone who walks with crutches and needs to be able to take them on the chair with them.

The price involved in buying stairlifts is not just related to the lift itself, but also to its installation. Check that this is included in the quote you are given; also check for other potential hidden extras. Do you need to pay more if you want a lap belt added, or need specific controls to allow you to use it more easily? It is also a good idea to check how long the work is guaranteed for, and whether there are extra charges for maintenance and future repairs.

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