In Case You Didn’t Know…I Am Crazy

I Just "Go Normal" From Time to Time

The world just keeps right on spinning, and I’m standing here, all alone, in a sea of laundry, school meetings, doctor appointments, a jacked-up home, overdue bills, reviews to write, posts to publish, graphics to bedazzle, and a to-do list that is about as long as my arm.

Where the hell do I begin?

That’s the mental state of the estrogen carrier today. I’ve been working at the leasing office for our apartment community a few days this week, so my “normal” schedule is off kilter. Apparently that throws my brain off kilter as well. Who would have thunk it?

Drive Mom Crazy

Yeah, I’ve done that this week. The kids were on punishment for DESTROYING their rooms once again, but because my brain is off kilter, I forgot that hubby grounded them till their rooms were clean. So when they came home early today – and I’m home trying to work and unfook everything around here – I told them to go, get out of the house, get out of my way, disappear till 7PM when its time to come back in. Same diff as television. At least they are outside getting their vitamins from the sunshine. Don’t judge.

Hopefully things will be back to normal by the end of the weekend. Or back to crazy as the case may be. My crazy is my normal, even if that makes absolutely no sense at all to anyone else but me. I am crazy. I own it. I wear my crazy hat with pride, thankyouverymuch.

Margarita Time

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