Ingenious Security Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

A man’s home is his castle. Or so the saying goes! And this will no doubt be exactly how you and your whole family feel about your home. It is the place where you live and spend the majority of your time. So you have every right to feel safe and secure in it. And you should be able to have peace of mind that the whole property is safe even when you aren’t at home.


Most families have their home kitted out with a variety of safety features. But just because you have one piece of home security kit somewhere in your home doesn’t mean the whole property is completely secure. In fact, studies show that most households can greatly improve their home’s security. Not sure what you can do to make your house like a fortress and completely impenetrable by intruders? Here are some ingenious security tips that you need to know!


Don’t Show Off Your Belongings

Most burglars don’t pick their target houses by random. They will most likely walk up and down a street until they spot something through a window that catches their eye. For instance, they might notice a large plasma TV attached to a wall. Or they could notice some attractive crystal glassware standing in a display cupboard not too far from the window. So it is best to try and keep all your valuable and expensive possessions out of sight. Ideally, keep them away from windows. As this isn’t always possible, though, there are still some things you can do to try and deter burglars. One great idea is to half-close your blinds or curtains whenever no one is home. Don’t completely close them, though, as this is a sign to the burglar that there is no one in. They might see it as an invitation to let themselves in!

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are one of the most common ways to deter a burglar. Once a potential intruder spots an alarm device on the outside of your property, he or she will not want to try and attempt to enter. Otherwise, they could set the alarm off which would attract attention to them. The alarm system should have sensors throughout your home so that it can detect when someone is inside. Remember to only turn it on whenever no one is at home, so you don’t end up setting it off yourself by accident! Don’t be too worried if you aren’t too sure how to install an ADT alarm. There are many companies which will include installation in the overall price of the alarm.


Buy A Dog

Have your kids been pestering you to get them a dog for a while now? Well, it may not be a bad idea for your home’s security. There are a number of different dog breeds that are perfect for guard dogs. These include German Shepherds and Rottweilers. But you don’t have to buy a really big dog, such as these. As a matter of fact, small and yappy dogs make really effective guard dogs as well. That is because they will instantly bark as soon as they hear a noise or detect anything is up. And as soon as the burglar hears the constant yapping, he or she won’t fancy trying to enter the house. That’s because the dog will be attracting too much attention! So remember that size isn’t everything when it comes to your guard dog. As long it barks and yaps a lot, it should do the trick! (If you just want some really cute puppies – check out Cute Puppies Now recommended by Christopher Smith, a new reader studying Animal Science at Virginia’s Community Colleges – thanks much for the cuteness Christopher!)


Change Your Locks

Do your kids always lose their keys and end up getting locked out? Well, there is one easy solution to that all too common problem! You just need to change your locks and switch it for one that requires a keycode instead of a traditional key. You can usually decide on your own code. Then, you just need to make sure that all your kids remember it! There are many benefits of changing to a keycode lock, but one of the main ones is that potential intruders won’t find your keys. Many families leave a spare key under their doormat or on a ledge above the door. This is a trick that many burglars now know about. It can take them only a few minutes to find your hidden spare key. And that means they can then easily let themselves in! However, that won’t ever happen if you change to a modern keycode lock!

Move Your Ladder

Some families store their ladder outside somewhere very visible to all passersby. But if everyone walking by can see the ladder, then so can a burglar. And he or she might use this piece of equipment to enter your home through an upstairs window. We rarely secure our upstairs windows as it can be hard to imagine anyone scaling the wall of the property and getting in through them. However, if you have a ladder out on display, an intruder will figure out how to use this to his or her advantage. So make sure you don’t give a burglar any ideas by locking your ladder up safely in your shed or other garden buildings.

Use Light Timers

Many families like to leave the hall light on whenever they are out of the house. This is especially effective during the evening, as it can trick burglars into thinking that you are still home. Worried that you might forget to leave the light on? There is a way around that! Simply install timers on your lights. Then all you need to do is key in the times when you are usually out of the house.


Double Check All Entry Points

When was the last time you installed new windows and doors? If you haven’t done so for a while, you should double check all of your entry points and make sure that they are safe and secure. Possible intruders could easily get a crowbar into any gaps that have developed between the entry ways and the surrounding walls. Modern plastic window frames are also a lot more secure than traditional wooden ones. Sure, your old windows may look quite charming. But they could be worth updating them so that you aren’t running the risk of anyone entering through them.


Install CCTV

Adding CCTV to the exterior of your building is another fantastic way to deter crooks. As soon as they spot a camera on the property, they won’t want to try and enter as they could be caught on film. But even if you do suffer a burglary, CCTV can help you get your stuff back. That’s because the police can use the footage to try and find the thief. If you can’t afford proper CCTV, you should consider installing a dummy camera. These are fakes that don’t film. But an intruder won’t know that and will assume that it is working. Whether you have a real or fake camera on your property, you will find that it effectively deters any burglar who considers your house!

Hopefully, all of these points will help you make your property even more secure than what it was. Want to test it out? Why not hold a fake burglary. It is a fun exercise that the kids can get involved with! Get the kids to go through the house and see how many valuables they can find. This should give you an idea of whether your valuables are well and truly hidden from burglars and intruders.

Hope you have found these tips helpful! If you have some you would like to add, please do so in the comments below!

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