Inspiration on Meals for the Perfect Garden Party

If you are wanting to have some people over for an event but don’t want to hold it in the house then why not take it outside to the garden. A garden party is a perfect way to host your guests, especially if the weather is too warm to do anything inside the house. Make sure you have some garden furniture that people can use otherwise people will soon tire of standing around. When it comes to a garden party, or any party for that matter, the most important part is the food! Take a look below for some food ideas and what you could serve. 


If you are throwing a party, you don’t want to be slaving around in the kitchen all day while everyone else has all the fun outside. If you opt for a buffet-style layout then you can do most of the prep work a night or two before. A lot of things that suit a buffet will keep in the fridge for a while before spoiling. Things like sausage rolls and quiches will last before the event, these can just be thrown on a plate before your guests turn up. Something that is quite popular these days is potato skins, you can do them with just about anything. 


If you don’t want to serve a buffet but do want to ensure your guests are fed then you could make a meal in your slow cooker. You can cook just about anything in your slow cooker, things such as a whole chicken or even pulled pork. This is simple and is just a case of preparing what needs to go in the slow cooker. Once it is in there, then it will cook nicely for around 5 hours. Ensure your pulled pork temp is perfect by testing it when you take it out. If your guests are coming in the afternoon or evening then make sure you put it on with enough time. You could lay out side dishes such as rice, potatoes, and salad for people to help themselves once it’s cooked. 


Something that is quick, convenient, and tasty is a BBQ. Everything you need for the BBQ is already outside so it is just a case of bringing the meat out from the fridge. There are so many options for a barbecue including chicken, burgers, and sausages. Everyone loves a BBQ and if you want some meat-free ideas for any vegetarians or vegans that are coming then there are things they can eat as well. You can make some vegetarian kebabs using vegetables such as courgette, mushroom, and aubergine. 


No party would be complete without a selection of desserts that your guests can choose from. You can normally purchase dessert platters or alternatively, you can make some. You could have a selection of macaroons, mini cheesecakes, and brownies for example. Alongside these, you could offer ice cream, cream, or custard. Be sure to check whether your guests have any allergies before serving food next to each other. A lot of desserts contain allergens, more so than main meals. 

Enjoy your garden party!

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