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I grew up just minutes from the oldest brewery company in America, D.G. Yuengling & Son, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. I honestly cannot remember a single home that didn’t have a Yuengling or two in the fridge or a keg on tap in the garage when I was growing up.

So naturally, as a teenager, when we would have our undercover bush parties out in the corn fields on the hill, Yuengling was in abundance and I developed a taste for it. (Don’t look at me like that … you know you totally went to a bush party or bonfire as a teenager, admit it.) It is still one of my favorites, but today we are celebrating International Beer Day and an abundance of beers.

Our friends over at (yes, it has its own website!) have some fun facts to share about beer:

A Few Facts About Beer

On International Beer Day impress your friends and loved ones with your never-ending knowledge of all things beer.

  • Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids while consuming a healthy amount of beer. About 4 liters a day, to be exact. I always knew it helped with creativity.
  • Ancient Babylonians took the seriousness of brewing to a whole new level. If a bad batch was made the brewer was drowned in it. At least it didn’t go to waste.
  • Vikings believed that a giant goat resided in Valhalla whose udders were filled with an unlimited supply of beer. Sounds like heaven to me.
  • The Czech Republic is the beer drinking capital of the world. Each Czech drinks an average of 40 gallons a  year. My flight to Prague is booked.
  • Beer does a body good! It contains a high level of silicon which increases the calcium deposits and minerals for healthy bone tissue. Feel free to keep pouring that beer over your Fruit Loops.

Richmond, VA – A Major Craft Beer Destination

Quench your thirst in Richmond, Virginia, which is quickly becoming a major craft beer destination. With more than 20 craft breweries and more on the way, it’s clear why the Wall Street Journal said Richmond “is home to one of the region’s fastest growing beer scenes.”

Our breweries include:

Mix Up Your Regular Beer and Try Something New!

Our friends at Angry Orchard Hard Cider have a few suggestions to add a little pizzazz to your celebration of International Beer Day this afternoon! So head to the store, grab a few bottles, and call your friends over for an impromptu celebration this evening with these three suggestions!

Orchard Fest

That beautifully cool glass of Orchard Fest makes me want to run out to the store right now! Grab your Angry Orchard glasses on Amazon and then mix up this recipe:

Orchard of Oats

Don’t let the name throw you. This delicious combination of Angry Orchard’s Crisp Apple Hard Cider mixed with your favorite oatmeal stout gives you a pleasing brew that you’ll be asking for seconds of!

Angry Pearl

Grab your favorite porter for this mash up of flavors. I could totally get on board with a Sam Adams Honey Porter or a delicious Holiday Porter and some Angry Orchard Crisp Apple! Delicious!

So there you have it friends! A few new recipes to try with your friends to celebrate the end of the week and International Beer Day! Share how you are celebrating today on social media and tag us #LifeInAHouse and #IntlBeerDay!

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