International Women’s Day 2014

March 8th herald’s the anniversary of International Women’s Day, supported my millions of women and young girls around the world along with the men who support their work.

What is International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally with a variety of topics each year that affect women and young girls. This year’s theme is Equality for women is progress for all. Some previous themes included:

  • Women and Human Rights
  • World Free of Violence Against Women
  • Women Uniting for Peace
  • Gender Equality
  • Women in Decision Making
  • Empowering Rural Women to End Poverty and Hunger

I do not identify myself with a label such as a feminist or a women’s rights advocate. I identify myself as a woman and yes, I am passionate about the treatment of women globally, and I do what I am able to to support that cause in my own community.

I have stated across my social media sites (several times in fact) that women need to be in charge of government. Women need to be in charge to deal with matters of world peace, poverty, hunger, homelessness. We have ideas, we have solutions, but if the men in power do not listen, do not acknowledge that we have solutions to problems that will work, mankind will be lost to us.

The ratio of men to women in the world is 100.0 to 101.1 with women being the higher number. If we do not speak out, speak up, take action, we will continue to be the “lesser sex” and our society and humanity itself will suffer because of it.

Join Us in Celebrating International Women’s Day 2014

There are a variety of events around the globe going on today. Find a local event that you can participate in, or you can check the listing here on the International Women’s Day 2014 event calendar to see what is going on. Join in on discussions across social media to help commemorate the day and the struggles that women face.

On Twitter you can connect with @UN_Women and discuss their #HeForShe project – notable, high profile men who support women’s equality and having women in a position of power to make necessary changes in our world for the benefit of all humanity. Men such as Matt Damon, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ban Ki-Moon, Antonio Banderas, and Patrick Stewart to name a few.


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