Is a Daily Routine Important For Your Child?

In simple terms, YES!

When you become a mom for the first time, everything is brand new and your world completely changes. Gone are the days where you can leave the house by simply getting your keys and going outside, without diapers, wipes, and bags full of everything you may need for the baby. There may be one thing that you didn’t really have in your life BC (before children). And that is routine.

You are likely to have done the laundry whenever you needed something clean. You went to the grocery store any time, rather than a set day or time. And if you wanted to stay up and binge watch a boxset, you just went ahead and did it, without thinking about the consequences of the next day.

But routine for little ones, and for you as a family can be really important. It can help you to get things done, as well as give you all more of a sense of security. Big changes or fear of the unknown can be stressful for children, so establishing a routine can be just what you need. It can help your sanity too when you know that it won’t be long until it is time for the infant bedtime routine or the bathing routine before bed. Of course, everyone is different and some will want to stick to a routine more than others, but here are some of the reasons why having a routine with your children can be good for both you and them.

Helps Get on a Schedule

If you choose to have more than one child, then getting them onto your schedule can be vital to be able to carry on doing what you were doing. And the best way to get them onto a schedule is with a routine. When you consistently do something at the same time each day, then it helps their ‘body clock’ to adjust and help them come to learn what to expect. This can help with naps, mealtimes, play, and downtime. So it is all good for all aspects of life.

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Bonds The Family

When your children know what to expect in life, it can help them to be prepared. It can also help them to see what is important. And this isn’t just talking about babies. If your teenagers see that each Saturday morning you have a family breakfast, they will come to know that it is part of what you do, and how important that time altogether is. When you do things regularly together, you will be more bonded as a family unit.

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Calmer Household

If you find that your family are always a little stressed and no one knows what they are meant to be doing and when, then it can lead to tension and stress. If expectations are met and each family member knows what happens next, so to speak, it an create a much calmer household. There is less rushing when your middle-schooler knows that you leave for this time on a Wednesday for soccer practice. So keep things regular, and make sure that everyone knows what is going on and when. Recommended by MovingBabies

Confidence and Independence

Along those same lines, it can help our children to feel more confident and even independent when there is an established routine at home. It can help them to know what will be going on and when, as well as what is expected of them. If they know that you leave to take them to school at a certain time each day, then they have to be independent enough to get themselves ready on time, for example. These are important life skills that they will be learning, without even thinking about it.

Offers Stability

There can be lots of things that can come up in life that can disrupt how things have been running before. From a new baby, to divorce, moving home, or going to a new school, these can all lead to stress because of the changes. But when there is an established routine already, as you go through something like a divorce, it can provide the stability and calmness that they need in their life at the time.

Though having a routine in place is good for many reasons, don’t forget that a degree of flexibility is good. If something isn’t working, then switch it up. If you no longer see a need for something else, then stop doing it. It is an ongoing process, but family life based around a routine, can be a really good thing.

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