Is Silver the Next Big Thing?

Life in a House - Is Silver the Next Big Thing?

As a keen investor, you’re always on the lookout for the next big tech innovation or the next big global company to take an interest in. You may never bother to look at old-fashioned assets like silver, but this precious metal could be about to make a huge comeback. Here’s five reasons why you should think about heading to this website and bringing some Ag into your life.

Silver Is Real

It’s no longer used in actual currency, but it’s still money. It’s real money, too, because it can’t be magicked out of thin air, as in the case of quantitative easing, or taken on trust as in an ETF. Silver has special value because:

  • if you have some physical silver, you don’t need to rely on anyone else to fulfil a promise or contract, unlike the situation with a bond or even a banknote, which is a promissory note;
  • silver is never defaulted on, unlike most other investments, which will occasionally take a hit, and
  • over the millennia silver has been used as money more often than gold.

It’s a Hard Asset

You can’t have your silver hacked or wiped off a digital balance sheet; as long as you have adequate security or you use a bank vault, your silver is safe and permanent. It stands firm against fraud and cybercrime.

Silver Is Cheaper Than Gold

Silver is usually one-seventieth the price of gold so even if you only have a small budget, you can invest in some. You’ll spend less but have a similar insurance against market instability. It’s also much more flexible than gold when you want to make smaller purchases with it as it’s cheaper and comes in smaller denominations.

It Does Really Well in Bullish Markets

The silver market is smaller than gold’s so it’s affected more by fluctuations and changes in supply and demand. It falls more than gold in bearish markets, of course, but just hang on (you’ll never get wiped out with metals) and when there’s an upturn you’ll feel the benefit.

Silver Has More and More Industrial Uses

You use silver several times a day – in your mirrors, your electrics, your biocidal sticking plasters, your windscreen heaters and in your solar panels, to mention just a few examples. Silver is the most thermally and electrically conductive, as well as the most reflective metal – we can’t do without it and we’re discovering new uses for it every month. More than half of the new silver that’s mined goes straight into industry.

The really good news for stockpilers, though, is the fact that we don’t as yet reclaim silver post-use, so over time the amounts of available silver will fall, which can only mean your values will rise. There’s also about to be something of a mining drought as well.

So, it looks like it’s silver’s turn in the spotlight right now and for the next few years or so; if you’re looking for an asset that’s low-cost but which punches above its weight in a bullish market, then you may have found it!

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