Is the Apple Watch Worth the Money?

When the Apple Watch first came out, it didn’t sell anywhere near as well as people expected it to. The people who did buy them were mocked for having bought an expensive watch that didn’t really have that much use. People said that texting on it was a pain and nobody wants to speak into their watch to have a phone call so it was just a waste of money. But how true is that? While there are a lot of detractors out there, a lot of people did still buy one and enjoy using it, so is the Apple Watch a waste of money, or is that just the opinion of Apple haters that will trash anything they produce?

The Apple Watch - Is It Worth the Money?

They Look Good

Before we get into any of the technical capabilities of the watch, the simple fact is that it looks good. It’s a slick-looking watch, which you can change the face on whenever you like. There are thousands of different options with new ones being released all the time so when you’re using it as a time-telling device, you can always customize it. You can also change up the appearance with new Apple Watch straps from places like mobile mob. These customization options mean that you’ve essentially got a stylish-looking watch with almost endless design options to suit any mood and match any outfit.


One of the best things about the Apple Watch is the fitness capabilities that it has. It can track your workout without having to carry your phone around when you run which is a big bonus. It’s also waterproof so you can track swimming workouts as well, as long as you aren’t going too deep. 

My daughter, April, stated:

As someone already steeped in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Watch is a great addition. I replaced a Fitbit and I could not be happier as it tracks just enough fitness stats to not trigger my obsessive behavior. Although I was hesitant at first, I haven’t regretted my purchase for a single second.

By activating the activity sharing function, you can also track and compare workouts with friends which is a great way of encouraging you to work out more.

apple watch - is it worth it


It’s easy to forget that Apple started out making music devices but you can see that legacy in the new watch. The new model allows you to stream music straight from the watch, using Bluetooth headphones. That’s great for running because you don’t have to deal with carrying a phone and some annoying wires that get in the way. But it’s great in general, you’ve got access to all of the music in the world, wherever you are, and you can control it from your wrist. As well as streaming from the watch to headphones, you can also use the Apple Watch to control your speaker systems at home without having to hook it up to your phone.

A lot of people would argue that you can do all of that stuff on any decent mobile phone but there’s no denying that the watch makes it a lot easier. However, most of these great functions work best when the watch is synced with other Apple products. That means that it’s a great investment if you’ve already got all of the other Apple stuff but if you haven’t, it’s capabilities are limited and you might not get your money’s worth out of it.

What do you think loves? Do you own an Apple Watch? Do you think it is worth the money for what you get for it? Maybe you prefer a Samsung or another brand smart watch? I look forward to hearing your opinion on this topic. See you in the comments!

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