Is There Ever a ‘Right Time’ to Renovate?

There’s so much to consider when it comes to any home renovation project that the chances are your brain turns to mush every time you even try to tackle this mammoth task. It’s therefore natural to let seemingly small considerations like when your renovation project will take place slip a little. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong time of year for major home projects can make life a whole lot harder for everyone, and can even impact the ultimate outcomes of your efforts.

With that in mind, timing is as important to your renovation as materials and design. The question is, is there ever a ‘right time’ to embark on a project like this?

It depends on the nature of the job

As frustrating as it might be to hear, the ideal timing for your renovation is most often going to fall back on the type of work you’re completing. For instance, an internal project like an attic renovation can work well in the winter because it’s upstairs and (largely) out of the way. By comparison, projects like kitchen redos complete with knocked-out walls and updated Renewal by Andersen windows are probably far better suited to warmer weather where you won’t all freeze to death. As such, always think about things like potential exposure to the outdoors, your living arrangements, and how those things mesh to make your renovation as easy as it possibly can be. 

Think about worker availability

It’s also crucial to factor in the availability of workers at any given time. For instance, spring and summer tend to be incredibly busy renovation periods, while workers are most often quieter in the autumn/winter months. Obviously, booking well in advance can still secure professionals during busy periods, but you may find that you have to wait longer or pay more for this. By comparison, choosing quiet periods can lead to quicker solutions, and generally cheaper labor if you’re willing to move out/suffer the cold. Simply seek a few quotes to get an idea of how things vary across the year, and what that means for your project overall.

Consider cost-efficiency

As mentioned, your timing choices can also impact how much you pay for your renovation project overall. On the one hand, this is because materials and labor during prime times are typically at the higher end of what you can expect. By comparison, cheap materials during winter are often offset by increased heating costs. By always weighing these cost considerations in mind of things like the work you’re embarking on, you should therefore be able to choose the ‘best’ time based at least partially on the most affordable option for your needs. 

As is always the case, there is no one-size ‘ideal time’ to start a renovation project, and compromises will need to be made whenever you embark on home improvements of this scope. However, taking your time to consider every element of your project against timing priorities can at least help you to settle on the right time for you. 

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