iTD Gear Air Vent Magnetic Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder Review

iTD GEAR Air Vent Magnetic Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder 02

I have looked at several different car mount holder models for my iPhone 6 Plus. My daughter has a bulky version that grips the sides of her phone and, while I liked that it kept the phone secure, I wanted something that had more versatility that I could move between vehicles or just move to different sides of the vehicle if needed. The iTD GEAR Air Vent Magnetic Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 5, 6, Edge, HTC 1, LG G4, Nexus Phone and more and is absolutely perfect and just what this mom needed!

You know how frustrating it is for those of us who do not have built-in wireless connectivity with our phones to fumble around and try to find the phone when you hear the kids’ ringtone or your husband’s ringtone go off. This alleviates that particular problem – having your phone right at your fingertips and within your line of vision so that with just a glance you can tell if you need to answer the phone or if you can just let it ring.

I love how it fits nicely on any of the multitude of air vents available in your car, so it’s where you want it to be, easily accessible and out-of-the-way. It has been extremely cold here in Virginia with Winter Storm Jonas coming through – and even with the heat running, my phone was fine on the car mount. It did not get overheated or too hot to handle, nothing like that. Now if you were going to be taking an extended trip during the winter months, you may wish to remove your phone for a bit so that doesn’t occur, but otherwise I believe you would be fine.

iTD Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

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The holder comes with two magnets to attach to the phone or to the back of your phone case, depending on the type of case that you use. If it is a very thick case, the magnet still works, but it is easily removed from the magnet. I preferred having the larger square magnet directly on the back of my phone and I gave my husband the smaller round magnet for his thick case to place on the outside.

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The magnet holds it in place – TIGHT – your phone is not going ANYWHERE. To remove it when you’re ready to exit the car, simply slide the phone up or down and it will slide right off the car holder. You can leave it in your vent or remove it and drop it in the glove box of your vehicle or easily transfer it to a friend’s car or a second car that your family might have.

What I love is that your phone’s volume and power buttons are easily accessible, as are the power jack and the headphone jack. You don’t have to worry about a clip that will block access to any of your buttons or jacks – making this truly one of the most universal car mounts out there!

These truly are great to have for everyone in your vehicle who has a phone. Our kids both want one for themselves so that they can have their phones secure in the vents in the back of our vehicle to leave their hands free to draw or play video games on the tablet while we’re driving so they can still listen to their music and not drive their father and I crazy trying to drown each other out!

I would highly recommend this car mount if you have looked for one. These would make an awesome gift for a friend or family member also! You can find this car mount and many other great gifts on our 2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide here at Life in a House of Testosterone. Did I mention that for a limited time these car mounts are on sale? If you’re interested in picking up a couple – now is the time to do so! You can find this car mount on, or visit for more great products. For you Facebook and Twitter junkies – you can connect with them there as well!

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  1. How convenient!! I would love this for using the gps on my phone!! Keeps me from looking down all the time!!

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