It’s a Frazzled Monday at Life in a House

My dear readers, this momma needs to vent before she loses her mind. Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing seems to go right for you? It feels worse because it is a frazzled Monday, but that’s what every day feels like here at Life in a House.


I “thought” that taking a hiatus from the blog, even if we didn’t leave home and go anywhere, would have been a good break to give me a chance to recharge my batteries and just come back fresh and ready to kick butt. Nope. In fact, it pretty much had the exact opposite effect.

My youngest got extremely ill this weekend – a weekend I had planned to work over and get a few things cleared off the to do list. He’s still sick, running a fever between 100.3 and 101.7 for the past 24 hours (it was up to almost 104 on Saturday evening and landed him in the emergency room of our local hospital). Saturday and Sunday were spent nursing my sick little man, running to Patient First, then several hours in the emergency room Saturday night/Sunday morning. Did I mention that hubby is sick as well? Passed out in the emergency room sitting next to Tre’s bedside – so he ended up in one room while Tre was in the other and I spent 4 hours running back and forth between the two rooms to check on both of them.

freddy-kruegerI literally had about 6 hours of sleep from Friday evening until Sunday evening. I think I got about 5 hours last night before Tre needed me again. The poor kid said it feels like Freddy Krueger had a field day in the back of his throat. He has a hard time swallowing anything. Even the chamomile tea with a spoonful of honey isn’t helping a whole bunch.

Working a Side Job

I had plans to work a side job this weekend putting together a report in Excel for every single person who resides at our apartment complex for the conversion to a new operating system that our leasing office will be using next month. In a perfect world I would have had two to three weeks to work on this, but mine is not a perfect world. It’s needed by Tuesday, as in tomorrow, and I have only been able to work on it for several hours today. It’s very slow going, and unless I stay up all night long working, there is absolutely no way in hell it is going to be done by tomorrow.

What I Planned to Do This Weekend

On my own list of work I have about 80 or more pressing things that need to be done – giveaways to publish, reviews to finish, emails to respond to, updates that need to be done. The usual blogging stuff.

To say that I am frazzled, is the understatement of the year.

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