It’s Better To Be Prepared For These Family Health Emergencies!

OK, so it is entirely possible that you may never have to deal with the family health cares emergencies that are described in the post below. In fact, I sincerely hope that you don’t, because seeing someone that you love in physical or emotional trouble is genuinely upsetting! However, while it would be lovely to think such things will never happen to our loved ones or us, it is prudent to know what to do in a health emergency just in case. To that end, we have put together the little guide to help you below.

Heart attacks

With many people eating unhealthy diets and one in every four deaths attributed to heart attacks in the USA, this is a situation that it can help to be prepared for. Naturally, the quicker a patient suffering from a heart attack can receive medical care the better, so always call 911 if you suspect that this what is happening and the pain has lasted for over three minutes.

It can also be helpful to keep the patient calm and give them any medication they may have forgotten to take that day. Also if they have stopped breathing and are unresponsive performing CPR, as demonstrated in the video below can be very beneficial because it ensures oxygenated blood is still moving around the body, and so reduced the risk of brain damage.


No one ever wants to think that someone close to them will go through the trauma of an overdose. However, many overdoses are accidental and not even related to addiction.

It is also important to remember that there things that can be done for an individual in the throes of an overdose situation. For those that have taken too many opiates administering the drug, Narcan can help bring them around again.

Family Emergencies - Overdoses

This is a pretty powerful drug in itself, and if you are wondering how does Narcan work, you can find out by clicking the link? Narcan is usually given to the patient by a medical professional though, so it’s still important to call 911 as quickly as possible.

For other types of overdoses, a stomach pump may be needed when the suffer gets to a hospital. This where they pump out the contents of the stomach containing the toxins which will hopefully reduce the amount that gets absorbed and circulated into the body.

Family Emergencies - Blood Loss

Blood loss

Unsurprising calling 911 is essential here too, especially if it is a major wound that is bleeding profusely. However, while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive, elevate the part of the body that is injured as this will make it harder for the blood to reach it and can help reduce the rate of loss. It’s also important to cover the wound with a clean and absorbent dressing, something that will help to stem the flow of blood.

Remember too that those losing blood are often susceptible to shock, so keep them as warm and comfortable as possible and look out for signs like shaking and confusion. Then you can report these to the medical professionals once they arrive.

Be Prepared for these Family Emergencies

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