It’s Chainsaw Time!

03/12/2012 – Update – Well apparently I won’t be receiving my ZQuiet anytime soon I’m afraid.  For some reason they would not accept my debit card – so this review is just going to be put on hold until I can figure out another way to order one!


Do you sleep with someone who snores?  Are you the individual doing the snoring?  Do people tell you that you sound like a chainsaw when you snore?  Are you banished to the living room couch, or does your partner leave and sleep on the couch just to get away from the noise?  Do you constantly get woken up due to your partner yelling at you to roll over, or jabbing you in the ribs to wake you up and make you change positions?

Yeah.  Me too.  I’m the chainsaw in my household.

It is something that apparently runs in my family – on my maternal side of the family at that.  My mother used to snore unmercifully.  It was so bad, that my brother and I would sneak into mom and dad’s room at night and we would sometimes pinch her nose closed until she stopped and rolled over.  Dad, on the other hand, slept like the dead – nothing woke him up – ever.

The Man Thing and I will celebrate 18 years together in June.  Hopefully.  The way things have been going lately though – I don’t know if we’ll make it that long if I don’t do something – quick – to stop the snoring.  I’ve been spending my nights on the living room couch for about the past three months now because of my snoring because my man thing has been having some health issues of his own and needs his rest.

So this morning, by the simple grace of God, I saw the infomercial about ZQuiet again.  It is the one product that I have seen that has been cleared by the FDA – which means not only is the material safe – but also that the product achieves its intended purpose.  I’ve tried other solutions, the sprays and the breathing strips, and they don’t work.  I’ve looked into pillows and chinstraps.  ZQuiet is the only product I have seen that gently advances the lower jaw to create a widened airspace in the back of the throat – where the loud snoring noise is caused due to the vibration of the soft tissue surrounding the airspace.

The company is so sure that it will alleviate any snoring, they offer you a 30 day trial of ZQuiet for just $9.95.  If you do not return the ZQuiet within 45 days of receipt, then your credit card is charged the remaining $59.95 and it is yours.  While I think it is a bit pricy, it is a small price to pay for peace and harmony within my household – not to mention a good night’s sleep for a change!

So dear readers, my order goes in tomorrow morning…and I will be giving a complete and honest review right here on the product once I receive it!

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