It’s Easy to Pick the RIGHT Moving Company: Here’s How

Yes, moving sucks – it is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, but luckily, there are ways to make it better. Picking a company to do the hard work (or at least some of it!) for you, will make everything a lot easier to handle. This is where the right moving company comes in, and they are worth their weight in gold. 

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What Does Moving Cost?

When you hire a moving company, they will require some basic information from you in order to furnish you with an approximate quote for your move. 

Your moving company will have to provide you with the following information: a written estimate of its quote (make sure you know whether it is binding or non-binding agreement); a statement of what your legal rights are, as well as what your responsibilities towards the moving company are when you move; information about arbitration, should the need for that arise, and the company’s full contact details and address. 

Once the moving process is over, the company will have to provide you with the relevant signed and dated paperwork as proof. 

Moving is a Weighty Matter

You will be entitled to a copy of the loading bill (sometimes called a freight bill) and proof of what your load weighed before and after the move. Because this serves multiple purposes (you are quoted for your move by weight, and the before and after weigh-ins help to prove that the full load has reached the end destination) it is crucial that the weight that you are quoted on is as close as possible to the weight of the load that is actually transported. This prevents additional costs from being incurred. 

Is a Binding or Non-Binding Moving Estimate Better? 

Any estimate should be provided to you in writing, to prevent any party in the agreement from going back on the original agreement. A binding agreement means that the estimate must be followed, while a nonbinding one gives more leeway. Find out if your moving company is bound by the terms and conditions of a larger freight company, which may affect how you are quoted. 

Who is responsible for my stuff at the end of the day? 

Even if you pack your own things (or some of them), the moving company is responsible for getting it to the end destination. The moving company is responsible for any damage that occurs in transit, but bear in mind that there are certain clauses that absolve them from responsibility for damages. These factors could include acts of nature, any third parties that do not adhere to their part of the agreement, acts of public violence, and so on. 

It is good to know that incorrect packing is considered negligence, which would put the moving company in the wrong. Before you book a moving company, make sure that you get online moving quotes from a few that appeal to you. Make sure the company is licensed and insured, with a decent reputation and good public reviews.

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