It’s Getting Chilly: How to Survive Working from Home in the Winter

Working from home can be fantastic. You can work around other commitments, set your own hours, work at your own pace and even spend your days sitting working in your pajamas eating chocolate and drinking an unlimited supply of coffee. In the summer you can spend long, relaxing hours working out in your garden. Making the most of the sun and getting some extra vitamin D while you earn money. But, what about when it starts to get cold? How do you manage to work at home without spending a fortune on heating, when without it your fingers are too cold to type?

It’s Getting Chilly - How to Survive Working from Home in the Winter

Keep the Thermostat Low

Many people assume that having the heating on all of the time is more expensive than using it for just a few hours. Well, it all depends on your settings. If you only turn your heating on for an hour or two, you’ll need it up high to make any difference. It can work out cheaper and more comfortable, to have it on a lower setting all of the time.

Get Up and Move

When you work from home, you can easily find you spend hours sat at a computer screen not moving. When you are sat outside in the sun, that’s great. But, when you are sat still for hours at a time in a cold room it can become unbearable. Get up and do some stretches every half an hour, go for a walk around the house or get some washing out. Just make sure that you move regularly and avoid sitting in one place for too long.

Look After Your Home

In winter time, it’s only normal to find your home needs a little TLC. Cold weather, harsh winds and precipitation can lead to damp, mold, roof damage, blocked guttering, cracked seals and other damage which can cause your home to be a lot colder than it needs to be. Spend some time making the necessary repairs. Contact a company like Texas Star Roofing have your boiler serviced and thoroughly inspect your home for any signs of wear and tear.

Wrap Up

It’s Getting Chilly - How to Survive Working from Home in the Winter - Wrap Up

The easiest way to be more comfortable while working at home in the winter is wrapping up warm. Dress sensibly in a jumper and slippers, surround yourself with soft furnishings and make sure that you are comfortable.

Heating Hacks

As well as repairing damage to your home which may make it colder, you can try some of these hacks to help warm it up.

  •    Keep the oven door open to cool after cooking, to make the most of the heat.
  •    Use draught excluders to keep cool air out.
  •    Close internal doors to keep the heat where you need it.
  •    Open curtains when the sun’s out and close them as soon as the sun goes down.
  •    Tuck your curtains behind radiators to stop heat going straight out of the window.

Take a look at this site, for some more ideas.

Work at the Right Times

Try to schedule your work time for when it’s warmest in your house and sit in the warmer rooms if you can use a laptop. Find out when the sun hits your home and make the most of it to keep warm naturally.

Have a Great Week!

Love and Blessings

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