It’s Not You, It’s My Anxiety!

Anxiety is as if your brain was watching a scary movie on repeat, but without your knowledge. You experience all the emotions and sensations of fear, stress, and panic, but you’ve got no way of understanding where it comes from. More to the point, you can’t shut off the TV or change channel to find a romantic comedy instead, because it’s something that happens in your mind. 

It’s not only terrifying, but it also affects your everyday life and relationships. When your partner struggles with high-stress issues, they are more likely to develop anxiety disorders, which can come in between you two. However, helping someone manage their anxiety problems is not as easy as it sounds. Remember that scary movie comparison? There’s no TV in your mind. So you need to find other ways to shut down the fear and stress felt to save your couple. 

Spot Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Dealing with anxiety in your everyday life is complicated. Anybody who has experienced a panic attack or chronic stress knows that it’s hard to regain control when your fears are trying to take over. You might notice that your partner is developing a coping strategy that seeks to numb emotions. It’s not uncommon for people with high anxiety issues to turn to harmful substances in an effort to make themselves feel less. Addressing the problem can be difficult, but you need to find a way to talk to your partner. You can offer your support to help them free themselves from destructive addictions. You can even find couples rehab centers that are specifically designed to accompany couples through their healing process. Identifying harmful habits early can save your couple. 

Identify the Triggers

Does anxiety come without warning? While it might feel that way, in reality, there is always a trigger. Identifying triggers and ensuring you can manage them effectively can dramatically decrease the risk of crises. Did you know that getting involved in a car accident can lead to developing PTSD symptoms, which can trigger a panic attack? Learning to heal your mind after an accident can eliminate anxiety triggers. Ultimately, managing triggers begins with understanding their causes and working towards a resolution. 

It’s NOT a Fatality

Anxiety can creep into your life when you least expect it. It seems like it’s taking over everything. But, as Mel Robbins explains, it doesn’t have to define you. You can learn to stop your panic attack and your anxiety foe before they stop you. Mel explains that anxiety starts in the brain, and your mind gets more and more scared because it doesn’t understand what is happening. As such, you can build positive habits that deactivate the anxiety bomb. Something as simple as forcing yourself to walk when you feel that your stress level is rising can help soothe your mind. The mind will think that you are walking away from danger. Additionally, you can develop or help your partner develop a positive anchor thought that guides you through the panic attack. Whether you focus on singing your favorite songs or reminding yourself how much you love each other, it doesn’t matter. Your positive anchor keeps you grounded and let the wave of anxiety disappear. 

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for couples torn apart by anxiety issues. Addressing the problems with your eyes wide open can help you to find a relaxing way and save your couple from the anxiety monster. 

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