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I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love having it long because it enables me to do so many styles and looks when the mood strikes. Unfortunately, there are those days when its hanging down in my face because I cannot find one of my hair bands and that’s dangerous. I have no patience – at all. When that happens, and I can’t find a hair band quick – the Bango comes out and inches are lobbed off within minutes.

A few minutes later, I’m moaning that it is going to take months to grow it back out.

That’s why I am absolutely and totally in love with IVChic. The men do not believe that hair bands should be sacred and used just for securing hair. Oh no, they think they are perfect for wrapping around homework assignments folded up a thousand times over, or to wrap around fishing poles that have been broken down so the parts stay together. So the minute I bring a new pack of hair bands into the house and put them in my makeup basket, within a matter of days they are gone.


I like my Lilla Rose hair clip, but I’m the type that likes to throw my hair up in a ponytail and hit the ground running when I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, and I’ve found that the IVChic hair jewelry is so simple to use that I’m out the door in a matter of seconds without having to worry whether my hair looks good or not.

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Trust me – for busy work-at-home-moms who have to dash out of the house at any given moment – this is a must-have if you want to look put together and polished, even if you don’t always feel that way!


I received the Santa Fe Chic design to review in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions however, as usual, are 100% my own. I love that this comes in two colors – this gorgeous amethyst color and it is also available in a beautiful jade green. I choose the amethyst color because that is my birthstone and would stand out beautifully against my hair.

our beautiful delivery

My IVChic Santa Fe band came in this beautiful burlap bag wrapped in tissue paper. Two thumbs up for presentation, because I love that I can use that little burlap bag to keep it in my purse for when I need to do a quick jazz-up of my appearance. But I’ve found another way to transport my IVChic band when it isn’t in my hair that provides me the opportunity to show it off and receive compliments!

doubles as a bracelet

Yes dear readers – this IVChic band is so gorgeous, that I can wear it as a bracelet when I don’t have it in my hair! Doesn’t that look absolutely gorgeous? There are those days when I head out the door with my hair down and looking great, but between the wind and the humidity of these Central Virginia days, the hair down doesn’t stay looking great for long. On those days, I just pull the band off my wrist and flip it up into my hair in a quick twist and viola! Gorgeous up-do no matter where I’m at!

hair jewelry to make you feel beautiful

I had to “attempt” to blur out the shiny threads running through my hair (smiles) but you can see my Santa Fe design IVChic hair jewelry just sparkling that ponytail of mine right up and making it look polished and professional – better than a hair band of whatever color the boys decided to leave me with!


I just had to share this – you can mix and match the IVChic hair jewelry! Look at how utterly gorgeous both of the Santa Fe designs look in this model’s hair. Isn’t that just beautiful?

About IVChic

Inspired by life. Indulge in happiness. Embrace the journey.

IVChic is a collection of unique, chic, and stylish hair jewelry designed for women on the go.  Bad hair days are long gone and we are CELEBRATING! 

Here’s the reality… we are all very busy.  Our days start as early as 6am until 8pm. Spending long hours in the office, we want a fresh look to meet our friends after work. We want a different look for a date night in the city. We want a chic look that says “I don’t care how I look, but I know I look good” hair attitude.

This is where IVChic intervenes.

IVChic has inspired millions of women to find the balance between looking good in as easy as 5 minutes and making it on time to wherever it is you are headed. No more running late because your hair was not cooperating.

It’s simple.  Browse through our collection of hair jewelry and purchase the hair jewelry that best suits your personality. Find the tiara for your bun and ponytail and feel like a million bucks!

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Looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift? Take a peek inside your mom’s jewelry box to see what she likes, and then head on over to IVChic and find her a few matching hair bands that will make her feel as beautiful and special as you see her each and every day. It’s a Mother’s Day gift that she will truly treasure every day of the week.

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