January Instagram Challenge – Day 5 – Movement

Today’s Word is Movement

January Instagram Challenge

Movement – a word that can mean so many things. As far as my goals and aspirations for 2014 – I want my blog to move forward and become better than it has ever been. I want to become more active in the movement to stamp out domestic violence in Virginia. I want to begin moving myself and getting into shape, start slow with just walking and then build up to working out in the gym.

Life is in constant movement. If you do not take the time to be one with your life – connect, relate, feel, see, MOVE – we miss out on so much. What type of movement will you be doing in 2014?

Join the January Instagram Challenge hosted by Aubrey Griffin and use hashtag #myclean2014 when you post your images. I would love it if you join us! You can add your Instagram site to the blog hop link on this post and you can follow me on Instagram too! See you there!

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