January Instagram Challenge – Day 6 – Nature

Today’s Word is Nature

January Instagram Challenge

I absolutely ADORE taking photos of the beautiful world around me. Hubby just doesn’t get it. When he sees my camera roll full of flowers and trees in bloom, or the vibrant colors of a tree during fall, he just shakes his head. Every little bloom, every vibrant color, every flap of a bird’s wings reminds me of the beauty that God has given to me each and every day. He has given me the most beautiful surroundings imaginable, if only I can see with my heart the gifts that I have been blessed with around me.

These beautiful blossoms surround our home at The Pines at Cold Harbor in Virginia. I could sit outside for hours during the spring and just watch all the activity and soak up the beauty that is my home. What is your favorite feature of nature? A beautiful setting sun? The blossoms in spring? The colors of fall? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Join the January Instagram Challenge hosted by Aubrey Griffin and use hashtag #myclean2014 when you post your images. I would love it if you join us! You can add your Instagram site to the blog hop link on this post and you can follow me on Instagram too! See you there!

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