January Instagram Challenge – Day 9 – Gratitude

Today’s Word is Gratitude


This is the post that was meant for Thursday, January 10th. I’m running a wee bit behind on my January Instagram Challenges! For many, many years I dwelt on the negatives of each day. This went wrong, that went wrong – why couldn’t anything ever go right for me?

I finally reached the point, not so many years ago, when I realized that I was going about things all wrong. I was in a constant state of depression, felt as though the world was against me, and that nothing would ever go my way. I remembered something that my nana had told me many years ago – that there is a silver lining in every cloud, you need to just look for it.

That little snippet of wisdom started me thinking – perhaps if I focused on the one or two good things that had happened to me throughout the day, perhaps it would change my outlook, my perspective on life (and myself) in general. So each day, no matter how horrible, I tried to find gratitude for one good thing that had happened – such as the kids didn’t get into trouble at school, the sun was shining when the forecast said rain. I found one thing to be grateful for each and every day – and the more that I looked, the more that I found, until the positive began to outweigh the negative.

What can you find to be grateful for today?

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