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I love a good drink now and again but hate the aftereffects when I’ve had a wee bit too much. Well, the UK has been having oodles of NOT fun and they are now sharing that fun with the United States! I’m talking about STRYKK NOT G*N, NOT R*M, AND NOT V*DKA!

One of my go-to drinks is rum and coke. Always has been. So I was interested to see if STRYKK delivered on the same flavor without the alcohol.

Ladies and Gentlemen … we have a winner! A diehard rum and coke fan, I loved this drink. If I had not made it myself, I would have sworn it was alcoholic rum in my glass. STRYKK NOT R*M more than delivered on taste, smell, and flavor!

The STRYKK Roll Out to America

Late October 2021, STRYKK became available to consumers in the United States for the first time through Amazon. “The US is an ultimate global market with a powerful place on the world’s cocktail stage and a growing health culture,” stated Alex Carlton, co-founder of STRYKK.

In 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, Americans increased demand for both spirits and non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ and STRYKK knew that the time was right to reveal its product to Americans. Non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ are forecast to grow more than 30% in 2021. The most popular spirits in the US (vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum) made releasing to the US market a great opportunity for such an innovative and adaptable brand, such as Strykk.

Alex Carlton from Funkin Cocktails is a bar-world veteran with over two decades under his belt. He knew that finding a good non-alcoholic gin wasn’t easy, so he set about making them. As co-founder of STRYKK, the STRYKK NOT G*N and NOT R*M made their debut in 2018 and were joined in 2019 by NOT V*DKA. It took over two years to craft these drinks, under the watchful eye of some of the UK’s most distinguished bartenders.

There was a laser focus on getting them just right, which you can taste in every sip. They truly do taste, look, and feel as close to their alcoholic equivalents as they possibly can. As I stated, if I had not made the drink myself I would have sworn it was an alcoholic drink. They have cracked the code – no sugar, ultra-low in calories and carbs, no artificial flavors … and zero alcohol. You won’t believe me until you try it yourself.

Why Drink STRYKK?

Social media has become a part of everyday life, and the days of drinking and dancing like no one is watching are OVER. In reality, EVERYONE is watching … especially if you are out in a bar making a bloody fool of yourself because you’ve had too much to drink. The desire to go out and have fun hasn’t left us, but the desire not to feel awful the next day has, not to mention having your tomfoolery blasted all over social media.

So back to the question – why? If you drank gin & tonic last week, drink NOT GIN & tonic this week. If you are out celebrating with friends but have a huge meeting in the morning with the boss, then a NOT RUM & coke will have you participating in the upbeat moments longer, without the morning-after hangover. Not only is it a healthier choice (and your liver will thank you) but you can still enjoy every moment without having to go through a recovery period.

What’s In the STRYKK Flavors?

The amazing thing about this brand is that these non-alcoholic drinks actually taste like THE REAL THING. Years of research and testing went into creating an exact replica of their spirited counterparts. Below you will find information about all of the flavors currently available in the United States. There are many more products available on the UK website, so hopefully, these will be rolling out to the United States soon!

$39.99$29.99 ($29.99 / Count)

A key component of the ultimate non-alcoholic gin and tonic (clocking in at little over 20 calories), untold man-hours have gone into ensuring our NOT G*N hits the same flavor profile as a classic London Dry Gin. That means a nice botanical hit of juniper, with notes of coriander, sage, and basil completing the alchemy. No sugar, fat, carbs, or artificial flavors.

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06/14/2022 12:03 am GMT
$39.99 ($39.99 / Count)

An excellent alcohol-free spiced rum for your Mojito or Mai Tai, guaranteed to make the morning-after a little less dark and stormy. Our NOT R*M ticks all the right boxes on your palate – you’ll detect vanilla, raisin, Oakwood, and sugarcane. And if you source a gentle enough cola to mix it with, it’ll set you back all of about 5 calories.

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06/14/2022 01:52 am GMT
$39.99$29.99 ($29.99 / Count)

The newest member of the family, NOT V*DKA tastes like… well, vodka – making it a simple, non-alcoholic alternative to pair with lemonade, or lime and soda. Even with an Espresso Martini if you’re looking to make it a little less potent. Let it do a little jig on your taste buds, and you’ll get notes of menthol, cucumber, and pepper.

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06/14/2022 12:04 am GMT

Connect with STRYKK

We love these products and really, really, really want you to try them! Once you have opened a bottle of STRYKK, keep it in the fridge and consume within 12 weeks (trust us, it won’t last that long!) and if you don’t want to keep it in the fridge, a cool dark place out of sunlight is best.

You can connect with STRYKK on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels and visit their YouTube page as well.

This year, instead of suffering from a hangover after that huge Christmas party – serve STRYKK instead and have a holly, jolly, NOT holiday season! Your friends will thank you.

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