JORD Wood Watches and My Dad’s First Father’s Day in 47 Years

hi there dad

I am blessed to have two families. My biological family and my stepfather’s family. My mother remarried when I was just 5 years old and my brother was only 3 years old. We never knew about our biological father until I was a senior in high school. My brother and I are his only two children, and while my brother has chosen not to have a relationship with him for his own reasons, I have tried to stay in touch over the years. After my divorce and a bit of moving around many years ago, we lost touch and I had not spoken with him for some time. We were finally able to reconnect again last year during the holidays and we’ve stayed in touch since then.

I had the opportunity to review the Natural Green and Maple 94A series watch from JORD. Beautifully crafted, this watch has a brilliant multi-colored metallic square face with scratch-proof glass. Definitely a must have for the man in your life who is active and constantly in motion. The watch has Citizen Miyota movement with the date right on the face, and a stainless steel clasp to fasten it securely and safely with just a pinch. Pictures don’t do it justice, you really have to see this beautiful watch to appreciate its craftsmanship and beauty.

94A Natural Green and Maple JORD Wood WatchSome details about the 94A Series Natural Green and Maple JORD Watch:

  • Hardened, Scratch-proof glass face (26mm x 33mm)
  • Wood Frame / Bezel: 48mm x 42mm
  • Band Width: 26mm – 37mm transition design (5pc links)
  • Lug Ends: 42mm
  • Stainless face
  • Single action clasp
  • 3-hand Citizen Miyota movement with date window
  • Includes stained bamboo display box

If you recall, my daughter and I traveled home to Pennsylvania the last weekend of May to attend the funeral of my aunt’s husband, Edwin Snyder. I don’t get home to Pennsylvania very often, but when I do, I try to stop in and visit with my dad and this time was no different, as he graciously opened his home up for my daughter and I to spend the weekend at while we were home for the funeral.

Dad and I
The only picture I have of my father and I

We arrived late Friday evening, and Dad and Linda were waiting on the front porch for us. It was so good to see them both again. Dad got April and I settled in for the evening and as he and April were talking, I pulled Linda to the side to show her what I had for my dad.

I explained to her that, since my mom kept us apart all those years ago when I was growing up, and then when I was out on my own we kind of lost touch, I’d never had the chance to give Dad a Father’s Day gift except for the photo at the top of this post that I came across when my mom passed away. She said he would love it.

We walked back into the kitchen and I walked up to my dad and said, “I’m sorry it has taken 47 years, but I want you to know I love you, and to give you this as an early Father’s Day gift.” I started to cry as I handed the beautiful stained bamboo display box to him.

He began to tear up as well, and when he opened it his eyes got a little wider and he thanked me over and over and said he loved it. Turns out, Dad collects watches (just like hubby does) and the JORD wood watch in Natural Green and Maple was one that he had never seen before. He told me, “When I pass away, I want to be buried with it. I love it. Thank you, Kimmi.”

Well that just started a whole other flood of tears all around and I hugged my dad as though my life depended on it and didn’t let go. He hugged me right back, just as hard as I was hugging him.

Wood Watches by JORD will forever be a Life in a House of Testosterone favorite for giving me the opportunity to celebrate the one-in-a-million Dad that my father is. With Father’s Day just around the corner, why not check out the truly beautiful collection of watches that they offer and create a Father’s Day memory in your own family that you can cherish forever?

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  1. That is really cool that you were able to give your dad a Father’s Day present after so many years. I love the Jord watches, I think they are really cool looking and a unique idea. I’d love to have one of them too.

  2. It is sweet of you to share a life story that is so touching. I know he must appreciate such a neat watch.

  3. This is a very touching post, thank you. As a stepmom, it always makes me happy to see how close and loving stepchildren can be with their stepparent! Also, I have a father who collects watches as well – I will definitely be checking these out for his birthday.

  4. I already love your watches and think they the coolest watches I have ever seen but then I read your story and it really touches my heart. Knowing the story behind the watch makes them the most valuable watch in the world.

  5. What a touching story with a happy ending. I love the look and the uniqueness of JORD watches. So happy you could give your dad one.

  6. What a sweet story! Thanks for introducing the watch to me. It is very attractive and reasonably priced

  7. How impressive that you have reconnected with your father and it is funny that he also collects watches, Yes this article is very touching, I have heard of Jord wood watches, but they still impress me, thank you for sharing this review

  8. So unique and pretty! I love the designs of these wooden watches. I had never heard of them before! Thanks!

  9. I have not heard of this company before but the products look amazing and they have a good variety.

  10. thanks for sharing your heartwarming story. I think these watches are amazing, especially the 746, which can be wound by hand and will stay wound with the body’s natural movement (requiring no battery).

  11. I noticed these on the pc but never really had a chance to look at all of them. They sound very high quality and I’d love to have one!

    • I learned about them online as well @tracimccormick:disqus and even though the photos are stunning, they just do not do them justice. You literally have to hold it in your hand and feel it and look at it to truly appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each one of these watches!

  12. What an emotionally touching story! Thank you so much for sharing a part of you. Family is so very important. I have thought these watches were so neat from the first time I learned about them.

    • Thanks @christy_dubois:disqus … I saw them for the first time around the holidays last year, another blogger was hosting a giveaway that I participated in promoting. I was blown away at the sheer beauty of the watches. I am so thrilled my dad loves it as much as he does! Put a smile on my face!

  13. Thank you for sharing your story. Made me tear up.
    Glad the atch has scratch-proof glass.

  14. Beautiful watches and a wondeful thought to be donating 20% to help the disabled with downs syndrome

  15. Beautiful watch! What a great feeling to have touched your father's heart. No matter the past, I'm glad you are able to spend time with him now!

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