June 2, 2012 – Family Fishing Day

Passport to Fishing

(Information courtesy of the Hanover County Parks and Recreation Department – provided for informational purposes only)

Saturday June 2
Courthouse Park
Course #5334

The Passport to Fishing & Boating Program provides skills, techniques and information novices need to begin boating and fishing in their communities. Each of the six fun, hands-on stations focuses on a key participation aspect and includes strong conservation messages.  The program is open to children of all ages. Rods and Reels will be available on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to bring your own.

Registration is FREE and encouraged.

Passport to Fishing & Boating Program Stations include:

  • Fish Habitat & Handling Station
    Section one has participants build a watershed to help them understand how to promote healthy places to fish and boat. Section two teaches the parts of a fish and how to handle and release them safely.
  • Fishing Knots & Rigging Station
    Participants learn how to assemble a basic rigging – including how to tie a Clinch knot – that is environmentally friendly and how to identify baits, lures and flies that attract fish.
  • Casting Station
    Following safety instruction, participants get their hands on rods with push-button spincast reels for practical learning and practice casting at targets. Casting from a boat is also covered.
  • Smart Boating, Safe Boating Station
    A virtual boat ride teaches participants the importance of wearing life jackets and how to select them properly; then it explores Reach, Throw, Row and Go rescue techniques.
  • Ready, Set, Boat Station
    In this boating basics station, a special game of charades introduces participants to a variety of boating activities, while segment two teaches about essential equipment and how to load a boat.
  • Local Information Station
    Since boating and fishing regulations vary widely, this station gives you the opportunity to customize content to rules, fish identification, places to fish and boat, and opportunities unique to your state.
The following organizations will be on hand to assist the children:
Cool Spring Outdoor Sportsman’s Ministry
Bass Pro
Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
Virginia Fishing Adventures

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