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Evening everyone! It has been a hectic day here at Life in a House of Testosterone, and the day still has plenty that needs doing! At the moment I am waiting on the fine folks at www.Elance.com to give me a call via Skype so that I can get my application and portfolio verified so I can begin bidding on some jobs. I’m really excited about the prospective jobs available that I have seen there – quite a few that I can do from home during the day, so I’m hoping that this becomes just another avenue to make some additional money for the testosterone carriers to spend at will!

Yesterday I posted that I was extremely frustrated (and that was putting it mildly) with not being able to get my Google+ widget to work correctly. Even after numerous different steps, it did finally appear, but it was not formatted the way that I wanted it to be formatted. The computer seriously was about to get flung out of the window.

I did receive a response to my Google+ post; however, that there were a lot of things not showing up correctly on my blog. Being the perfectionist that I am – you KNOW that sent me into a full-on panic attack. So I’ve spent the better part of the past 24 hours redesigning the layout and look of the blog. I then tested everything in the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Avant Browser
  • Torch Browser
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari
Everything shows up fine on the blog in each and every one of the mentioned browsers. I would greatly appreciate it – however – if you do come across any wonky looking widgets or something isn’t lined up as it should look – please let me know!
I’m also absolutely thrilled, thrilled, thrilled that I was finally able to get my Shareaholic buttons to work that I have been just dying to have on my blog for ages!!! They’re so pretty roflmao! It’s sad when it’s the little things in life that make me so darn happy!
With that said, my tummy has been giving me troubles all day long … so I’m about to head off to do a bit of reading and just relax a bit and hope it settles down.
Have a great evening everyone … and please stop by and take a look at the new blog clothes! I hope you like!

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  1. Hooray! for g+ stuff.Boo!!! hiss!!! for Evil FB doing that! Many artists I follow have contests, and they don't tag the winners… so I went to send a message to a winner of something and fb asked me about that dollar thing! That was HORRIBLE!Things are looking good!!!!!

    • I think that when FB tries to "charge" you to post something to someone you have to select for the message to go to the "other" folder instead of the person's "messages" folder. I've noticed that when I receive a message from someone who I don't interact with daily, it goes to my "other" folder. Beats the hell out of me why they are doing that. Thanks much for your comment Fuzzy!

  2. I have some natural remedies for tummy stuff (I'm a chronic bad tummy sufferer!) Email me if you're interested, and I can share some things I've tried!

    • Hit me on FB with it C.J. – when the email program crashed and burned awhile back I lost everyone's email addresses! Definitely interested! I can't handle this again … went almost 6 months with this "junk" the year my daughter got married and ended up losing about 50 pounds too because of it. The weight loss I love – the agony, um – nah!

    • OMG – I swear, I'm learning how to navigate Google+ a LOT more these days with the nonsense that Facebook is doing over there and loving it more and more each day!

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