Keep Those Kids Safe: Home Safety Measures To Consider

When you start a family you don’t consider your home to be a danger zone. This is, of course, because a newborn baby isn’t crawling or walking yet. But what happens when you enter toddlerhood and beyond? All of a sudden your senses are heightened and you can become worried about little things. Things you may not have even thought about before. But rest assured. I thought this would be a great time to share with you a few ways you can safeguard your home and your young family. Many are obvious, but as they never were seen as a hazard before, I’m sure they will prompt you to make some changes.

Kid proof balconies, terraces and raised decked areas

One of the biggest problems parents face is balconies, terraces and raised areas. Things that wouldn’t have even crossed your mind until an unaware toddler heads towards a great big height. So don’t get yourself too stressed by installed boundaries to ensure the safety of your children. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise on style thanks to some great design features. You could consider glass or metal boundaries that can add a modern twist to your home. You can click here for more information on what’s available.


Keep plugs safe

Plugs are very enticing to a young child. But as they are ground level mostly you may never have given them a second thought. However, young children have a habit of exploring with their fingers or their own toys. So ensure all plugs are blocked up. You can get fixtures that can slot into plugs easily when they are not being used. Ensuring your child has  safe place to crawl and toddle around in.

Consider stair gates

Stairs in a home are a worry to parents with young children. Going up them or down them you need to ensure that you keep them blocked off to younger children who just want to explore. Stair gates are a great way of doing this while still making your stairs easily accessible for adults. Often they are difficult for young children to operate ensuring you keep them safe.


Watch sharp corners on household items

Coffe tables, kitchen counters, door frames and doors. They all pose threats to young children who just don’t tend to look out for where they are walking or crawling. Some of these areas have sharp corners as well. Which can cause a nasty bruise or bump should your child knock their head against them. Thankfully, you can buy items that cover the corners, making them a softer edge incase those bumps occur. Alternatively, there are some great DIY options on websites like Pinterest.

Keep the children away from hot stoves

Finally, this may seem obvious but young children are curious. So you are standing at your stove cooking and turn away for a moment leaving it unattended. The chances are your child may want to copy your actions or see what you are doing. This can be a huge disaster waiting to happen as often what’s cooking is piping hot. Keep children away from the stove and never keep it unoccupied. Try and cook on the hob furthest away to avoid little hands reaching.

I hope this helps you kid proof your home.

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